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    Minecraft version: 1.14.4+

    Suggested name: ShiftJump

    What I want:
    -Hopefully this is straight forward but i'd like for players to be able to hold down shift/sneak for 3 seconds and be presented with a message saying "Pounce Ready". players should then be able to press space [jump button] and be able to leap 5 blocks high. If the user does not jump within the next 5 seconds the effect will vanish and the player will need to hold shift and wait for the pounce message again.
    -If a player pounces onto a mob [such as rabbit/slime/silverfish/chicken/etc this should autokill the mob

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: All users can do this jump, however the ability to change the jump height for different group manager groups would be cool!
    The second plugin listed below has a second small modification for this plugin

    player.leap5 (this should be the permission that allows players to jump the default of 5 blocks high)
    player.leap10 (this should be the permission that allows players to jump the max of 10 blocks high)

    When I'd like it by: 9/20/19

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    Not quite sure what you meant/how to implement that.
    You won't kill an entity below you after landing when you're in creative mode.
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    It works fine thank you!! however can you change it so the default jump height is only 4-5 blocks high?

    I'd like a special permission for players to be able to jump 10 blocks. If that isn't possible its fine!
    [What is the current permission? non op players can't pounce for some reason]
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    changed it.
    Permissions are "ShiftJump.leap.5" and "ShiftJump.leap.10".
    default is set to op. I think you have to assign the permissions to the players with another permission plugin, though I have never digged into that.
    I can also set it so default is that every player can use the 5 block jump, but 10 block jump requires op/assigned permission.
    (Download incase you want exactly as I described it)
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    Ah yes! I would appreciate it if you could set the default for all users to 5 blocks and a special permission for 10 blocks.

    I'm using group manager and tried adding the ShiftJump.leap.5/ShiftJump.leap.10 permissions but they didnt seem to affect anything.
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    What can the players currently do? What can op/non op players do?
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    Currently, Non-op players cannot shiftjump. they have the basic perms with Group Manager. I tried adding your shiftjump permission but It still didn't work.

    I'd like all players that are Non-Op to be able to leap 5 blocks high, and with a special permission that needs to be granted, jump 10 blocks [I'd prefer if OP players only have 5 blocks default as well unless they have the 10 block permission.
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    Changed it again, realised I had a spelling error in my code regarding the permission name :/
    Can't really think of an easy way to do this right now. The default for 10 blocks is on op. You can also assign the permission later to people who have op but it won't really change anything as long as the player keeps his op status. I don't think there's a way to check whether a player has an assigned, or due to being op assigned, permission (I can just check if a player has a permission)
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    Ah thats fine dw about it b <3

    Thank you so so much everything works!!!!<333
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