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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gh0stKitty, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Minecraft version: 1.14.4+

    Suggested name: ClanAbilities

    What I want: Each different clan can activate a certain ability. These groups are sorted via GroupManager
    I'd like it so that there are no particles displayed for all of these but, if thats not possible/too difficult then don't worry about it!

    Here are the group abilities i'd like! Players of the same ability group should not get negative effects for attacking another person of the same group with an empty hand. If the player attacks holding an item, they will receive the negative effects.
    EX. Shadowclan player1- attacks Shadowclan player2 with an empty fist. Shadowclan player1 would not get the wither and blindness effects.
    EX2. Shadowclan player1- attacks Shadowclan player2 with a Nether Quartz or Raw Cod in hand. Shadowclan player1 would get the wither and blindness effects from Shadowclan player2.

    Default Ability:
    - Players with the default should be able to hold shift for 10 seconds and have all mobs nearby receive the glow effect [Only visible to the user] I'm not sure if this is possible so if it isn't then perhaps a way to hold shift for 10 seconds and have some form of /near for mobs.

    If player holds shift/sneak for 5 seconds they become invisible for 10 seconds. [If possible this should also make all players nearby have the glowing effect. Only visible to the Shadowclan user]
    -When a player of this ability gets hit, the player who dealt the damage should receive the blindness effect for 5 seconds and wither effect for 3 seconds.

    When player gets hit/attacked they receive strength II and resistance III for 10 seconds. this should preferably have a cooldown of atleast 10 seconds between each strength boost.

    By default this group should have /speed 2.2 and Jumpboost 1 forever,
    However when attacked they should be given /Speed 3.5 for 10 seconds to escape the situation. This should preferably have a 10 second cooldown inbetween speed boosts.
    -When attacked, the player who dealt the damage should be given slowness IV for 3 seconds.
    -Users in this group should also have a larger /near radius of 300 blocks

    By default this group should have Dolphins Grace forever.
    -Cats of this ability should be able to hold shift underwater which will prevent the airbubbles from depleting for 15 seconds. After this 15 seconds airbubbles deplete normally.
    -I'm not sure if this is possible so its not required but, the ability to pull a player into water and that player cannot escape/break the surface for 15 seconds. In order for a cat of the riverclan ability to use this, the opposing user should be within 5 blocks of water that is atleast 2 blocks deep.
    How would a riverclan user actually do this? If possible holding shift and staring at another user will give the riverclan user a fishingrod. this fishingrod could be thrown to grab the other player and pull them under. The fishing rod should only last for 10 seconds if not used immediately.

    -If a player from this group is hit, the user who dealt the damage will receive the Poison effect for 5 seconds

    Ideas for commands:
    "/Ability pause {Username}" (This will stop the clan abilities from being used by the user listed)
    "/Ability resume {Username}" (This will resume the clan abilities from being used by the user listed)
    "/Ability switch {Username} {Ability}" (This will add a specific ability set to the desired user. It will take priority. EX. Riverclanplayer changes to windclan. The now have the windclan abilities. An OP user can do
    "/Ability switch Riverclanplayer Riverclan" This overrules the windclan ability for that user so they can still use the riverclan abilities, regardless of being in the Windclan Group.)

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: 9/29/19

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    Do you still want this completed?
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    Gonna do it then.
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    Alright awesome!!! <33
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    You want a glow effect only visibile to the user. This is possible with the use of packets.
    Question: Do you want mobs to be highlighted continually, so if the user goes somewhere else his radius of the glow effect travels with him, or do you want this to be a one time highlight, where only the mobs that have been in his radius upon activation get highlighted?
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    Following radius highlight for about 20 seconds if possible!
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    1. do you want the range of the /near command increased, or do you want the glow "infra sight" to be of a larger area?
    2. To my knowledge the maximum server render distance is only 256 blocks, so the 300 blocks is impossible nonetheless.
    3. Is rougeloner a type and it should be rogueloner, or is that a term i am unfamiliar with?
    4. Are you using EssentialsX by now? If not can you send me a link of the Essentials Version you're using, so i can test them working together?
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    1- Increase /near radius to 300
    2- RogueLoner , Sorry I keep messing rouge and rogue up.
    4- Yes I'm using EssentialsX now

    Also, Im not sure if you saw but I replied on the ClanBorders thread
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    Ok, I've now read the ClanBorders thread. One problem i currently have while developing is im doing it on a 6 year old laptop, because i'm on holiday, which barely can run anything. In exactly an hour i'm gonna drive back home, and from there i can work with my computer and test everything thoroughly. I'll fix the border problems, and finish this plugin ASAP.
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    Alright no rush!!! Take your time <33
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    Fixed clanborders, if theres a message in the console "Registered 50 borders." (depends on how many borders you have), you don't need to redo the borders, the plugin took care of everything.

    This should be done.
    I could not implement the increase of the near command, without altering essentials itself. I also could not implement the water feature which you were uncertain about yourself, since there is no way to keep a player underwater efficiently.
    To run the plugin you also need Protocollib. Which you can find here.
    Also, this is a big plugin, that works with very complicated methods like packets. If there are any problems hit me up.

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    Alright thank you!

    Hmm.. ClanAbilities and ClanBorders dont seem to be working
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