Terms of Service and Rules

These forums are a friendly, helpful place. To keep them that way there are rules. To use the forums you must follow the rules. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse. Rule enforcement is generally universal, but case-by-case exceptions may be made.

Appeals should be done via private message. Public appeals will result in warnings or a ban. Proper appeals are civil and polite. When warned you receive points. Points are bad. Points normally expire after 30 days. Severe incidents result in more points. You are always allowed to ask a staff member about the amount of points that you have.

  • At 3 points all messages will be moderated before being visible.
  • At 5 points you receive a one week temporary ban to cool down and reflect on your actions.
  • At 10 points you're banned permanently.

No forum decisions will be handled on IRC.

1. Limited Vulgarity/Profanity

This is the internet, and we are on a site devoted to a game. That said, keep in mind that children do show up here from time to time. Occasional profanity for emphasis is probably ok. Constant non-stop potty mouth is not. Incredibly vulgar/inappropriate jokes are not.

Also keep in mind there is a difference between "What the fuck" and "What the fuck is your problem?" Profanity aimed at a person in an aggressive manner will not be tolerated.

2.No Personal attacks/Flaming/ Baiting/ Bullying/Discrimination

Disagreement Types is the guideline we like to use.

From the top down 1-3 are awesome. Number 4 is lazy, but allowable. 5 and 6 are not allowed and number 7 will get you warned or timed out from the forums.

No name calling, no bullying, no personal attacks are allowed. Be polite. You can debate a point without dragging it down into a heated argument/personal attack. If the debate starts sounding like American politicians slinging mud it will be removed.

  • Under no circumstances will threats of actual violence of any kind be tolerated on the forums. Never. "I was joking" is not an excuse.
  • Under no circumstances will threats of DDOS attacks be tolerated on the forums.
  • Under no circumstances will discrimination based on race/religion/gender or sexual orientation be tolerated. Slurs aimed at discriminating are an automatic time out from the forums and potentially a permanent ban.
  • Saying “Learn java” without pointing to a specific part of it will be removed.

3. No Spam/Advertising/Bumping and Duplicate threads

We really shouldn't have to say this one. Do not spam the forums.

Spam includes but is not limited to:

  • Advertising goods or service
  • Advertising paid jobs
  • Offering a developer money to work for your server
  • Bumping a thread more often than once every 24 hours. Your thread is not any more important than anyone elses. Bumping is not limited to saying bump, this rule also applies to multiple responses and posts.
  • Replying to multiple persons and using multiple posts to do so. You can quote and tag in the same post.
  • Pestering staff for a position on staff
  • Begging for likes/reputation etc
  • Using the report button to badger the staff about something that doesn't break the rules.
  • Repeatedly reporting things that have already been determined invalid reports
  • Creating near identical duplicate threads: both will be removed and your posting permissions may be revoked.

4. No personal information

No posting Skype/email/discord/real names. Do not do that. Don’t ask for them either. Saying that you will give them is also bad. This is the internet, there are bad people.
No asking for plugins to be private messaged to you. Almost every time someone wants to get a plugin or give a plugin through a method other than forum posts it is a scam. Do not fall for it.

5. Signatures and avatars:

  • Should not advertise anything but your plugins or Minecraft server
  • Should not include profanity
  • Should be small compact and non distracting. It is a signature not a novel.
  • Should not include nudity or other inappropriate images.
  • Do not use your avatar/signature to try and promote a discriminatory world view.

6. Link posting guidelines

Posting a Dropbox link for your own plugin is okay, however, users should beware that we have not checked those plugins. Mediafire and Adfly are not allowed. If a bad ad were to slip through Curse's checking system, we can get it pulled. Mediafire and Adfly both frequently load malicious ads and we can't stop them. Linking to any Minecraft related or Curse site is allowed. All other links will be judged based on their relevance to the topic. If someone is asking for computer parts recommendations a link to a partlist would be fine, a link to a furniture store would not. Never use a Url shortener. Post full links

  • Plugin developers may post a donation link to paypal or patreon. You may not make plugins for donations, or limit plugin distribution to donators. Spigot links are fine unless they direct to paid resources.
  • 7. Limit drama and politics

    Leave drama on Reddit/Twitter. The only reason drama should show up on these forums is because the drama involves Bukkit/CraftBukkit. And in cases where it is appropriate to post about some controversial, dramatic subject, one thread per topic will be allowed. We will remove all extra threads on the topic. 100+ threads on "OMG DMCA WHERE I GET FILE?" is pointless. While we may feel for various political/world drama issues they do not belong on the forums.

    8. Offline Mode servers are not supported

    Offline mode is often the result of piracy so we choose not to support it on these forums. This counts for regular cracked servers and for any kind of bungeecord server.

    9. Miscellaneous rules

    • Modded servers are not supported. Forks that don’t work with modded clients are supported.

    Use/Abuse of the report button:

    The report button is the correct way to deal with rule breaking. It does no good to post "Don't bump in 24hrs" on a thread. Congrats you have just bumped their thread again and now when a moderator sees it they have to remove 2 posts. If you see someone breaking the rules, press the report button. Don't "try and be helpful". As a side note that is how all of our new volunteers were chosen, consistent reporting with well explained reasons. Abusing the report button to report posts because you disagree with a person, or to pester staff will result in your use of the report button being removed. If you habitually report posts that are not breaking rules your ability to report posts will be revoked.