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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Skrubzy, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Please read everything, I know it's long but I really need this plugin.

    Plugin category:
    Survival & Grief-protection

    Suggested name: AloeClaiming

    What I want: I need a factions plugin edit where it includes the /f map and claiming features (Commands changed to /claim and /claim map) I don't want any of the other faction features, just the claiming features and the commands below.

    To claim- Player must have enough claiming power, they get 10 claim blocks for every 30 minutes they are online (editable in the config)
    Or claim blocks can be given via a command (Ex: /cb give <player> <amount>)
    (Ex2: /claim <radius in chunks>)- Make the radius always a square/rectangular shape please.
    To see how many claim blocks you have, do /cb. Here's how it should look:

    &e&lAloeNetwork&f: (Title editable in the config)
    &7You have used &c___ &7claim blocks.
    &7You have &c___ &7claim blocks left to use.

    On /claim map, if should show the random characters (Like in factions) as player's claims, and the player name should be where the faction name is usually located.

    To Trust- The owner of the claim is the only one who can trust/untrust other players (Unless they have the the correct permission nodes.) /trust <name> all -will trust the player with all claims and /trust <name> Will trust the player with the current claim the owner is standing in when the command is executed.
    /trusted will show all the trusted players in the claim you are standing in when you do the command.
    On the claim map it will show just the owner of the claim, not the trusted players.
    Ownership of a single command can be done by: /claim set owner <name> (Sets the owner of the current claim they are standing in.) The previous owner then become trusted but not the owner.

    Ideas for commands:
    1. /
    claim <radius in chunks> (Claims a rectangle/square around the player.)
    2. /claim map (Shows all of the claims in a 100 chunk radius from the center of the player.)
    3. /untrust <name> (untrusts the player in the current claim you are standing in)
    4. /untrust <name> all (untrusts the player in all of your claims)
    5. /trust <name> (trusts the player in the current claim you are standing in)
    6. /trust <name> all (trusts the player in all of your claims)
    7. /cb give <player> <amount> (Gives the player claim blocks)
    8. /cb take <player> <amount> (Removes claim blocks from the player.-Must have the permission)
    9. /cb (View how many claim blocks you have left/have used)
    10. /unclaim (Unclaims the chunk you are standing in- Must be the claim owner)
    11. /unclaim claim (Unclaims the whole claim you are standing in- Must be the claim owner/have permission nodes)
    12. /unclaim all (Unclaims everyone of your claims)
    13. /unclaim <name> all (For admins- lets them unclaim all of the player's claims if they have the permission nodes.)

    Ideas for permissions:
    1. ac.claim
    2. ac.claimmap
    3. ac.untrust
    4. ac.untrustall
    5. ac.trust
    6. ac.trustall
    7. ac.cbgive
    8. ac.cbtake
    9. ac.cb
    10. ac.unclaim
    11. ac.unclaimc
    12. ac.unclaimall
    13. ac.unclaimother
    14. ac.untrustother
    When I'd like it by: Hopefully in 2 weeks or so.

    Sorry for so much information, but I really need this plugin. I may of missed some things so just reply if you have any questions.
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    No lol I hate that plugin, I want it where you can claim areas using commands like factions- GriefProtection is no where near what I want.
  4. Since you say you want a plugin like Factions but only with /f claim, /f map, and gaining more claim power...
    You could end up with something nearly identical to this by simply tweaking Factions.

    I know this won't be exactly what you want, but it might be helpful as a substitute for waiting for someone to pick this plugin up.

    How to do so:
    - Give permissions for only the set commands you want
    - Set the max power for each player to the number you desire
    - Disable powerloss
    - Disable griefing, explosions, etc. in all factions by setting default flags.

    If this is close enough to your request for you to be satisfied, please mark this thread as filled.
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    Set up an alias in the commands.yml.

    You might also want to check out this thread.
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    I guess I can use this for now, but I'm going to keep this thread open in case anyone wants to fully customize it to my liking in the future. Hopefully someone does, and if they do I'll just switch plugins :)
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