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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ZW_15, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Block Protection

    Suggested name: Land Claiming 1.9

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that does land claiming and protects the stuff within the claim to be protected from other players and tnt. However I want creepers and endermen to still do stuff to it. I would like the claiming very similar to world guard regions. I also want this for 1.9. I also want this plugin to lock doors fence gates and containers but not automatically within regions or out of regions.

    Ideas for commands and what they do:
    /claim <regionname> (this will name the region that name you want and prompt you in chat to select 2 diagonal corners of what you want regioned.)

    /claim <regionname> <extend> (this command will extend the region from top of the world to bottom of the world.)

    /claim <regionname> <add,remove> <player name> (this command will add players to the region as a member/owner so they can to anything they wish in the region.)

    /lock (This command will lock the door fence gate or container the player next opens.)

    /lock <add,remove> <player name> (This command gives the player that was entered into the command access to the door fence gate and or container.

    /claim info (This command will list the person who claimed the region and any members and date it was claimed also the region name.)

    /cadmin <regionname> <delete> (this command for an admin or opped person will delete the region.)

    /chadmin (This command will delete the lock on the chest.)

    An admin or opped person can do any of these commands on any region and container and door and fence gate.

    Ideas for permissions: idk person who codes the plugin can make them up. A few I want claim.adminbypass claim.default and claim.admin

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    I'm taking on this project. Should be done within a week.

    Two questions:
    One : What do you mean by this? Do you want the player to type in chat the x/y/z coords of the corners of the claimed land?

    Two : Why can't you just use WorldGuard?

    Here is the plugin. Once it it approved, you can download it and run it on your server. I have added the commands /unclaim and /unlock.

    I have not fully tested it yet, so there may be bugs. If you run into any, let me know and I will fix them.

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    I want it to work like world guard where you select the 2 corners with a stick or configurable item in the config l.
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    I currently have it where you type in "/claim <name>", click two corners, and you can claim that area. I figured since there is no need for any tools, as for most player they will only claim one arena.

    I also added a config that stores all the messages that are sent, and a value for storing how many blocks a single player can own. Currently, the player can own 4000 blocks. You can edit either the messages or amount of owned blocks by editing the config.
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    Ok thanks

    Could you add in the config where the player can gain a customizable number of blocks per hour played on the server and idling and ask won't work.

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    Alright, I could add this feature, but It will require also saving the amount of block each individual player can own. Can you explain what that lest section means?
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    The last part is if the player afks for fora spawned or idles it won't count toward the time.

    Also @Zombie_Striker when will this feature be added? One more thing do you have to use permissions for this to work?

    Bug Report #1 @Zombie_Striker When claiming it only ask for the first block and does not make the region, and /claim info did not appear to work. Another thing can you make it where you can lock item frames?

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    Alright, I'll first work on the bug and let you know once that is done.

    Because of the fact that if I were to add protection to itemframes, I would need to create new classes,methods, and events and because you did not specify you wanted protection for itemframes in the original post, as of now I will not focus on adding this feature. The same also applies for the 'gaining block that can be owned per hour' request for the same reasons.

    I'll let you know when the update is available.
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    Ok thanks
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