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    Suggested Name: CrateZ

    Suggested Minecraft Version: 1.9

    CAT: add ons

    Desc: What I want is just like but that plugin is outdated so can someone make a plugin that does the same thing but instead in the plugin the crate is a 6 sided piston, i want it to be a prismarine block instead.

    When id like it by: one day

    A lot of my friends have been requesting this plugin so i think it would be a hit!
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    @Kyleyocats First of all, outdated doesn't mean incompatible. Have you tried it? Second, the plugin is All Rights Reserved, meaning that we can't make a small edit to it. It'd be a different story if it were under the GNU GPLv3.
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    it works on my server but when i craft the chest it works and all but when you place it and right click it, it does nothing.
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    CratesPlus, Crates reloaded, you have all functionalities +, you can also choose what block the crate is
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    I made a suggestion for these kind of crate things, ill give a link so IF it gets created you can download it too!

    ezCrates Plugin Request Thread
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    Sounds ok
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