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Jan 31, 2011
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Jan 29, 2013
    1. TheIrishJJ
      Hi, please could you tell me how you made Supernatural, I would love to continue it on for you
    2. Lemn
      hi, your supernatural players plugin is awesome and I'm sorry if this has been suggested before,
      could you somehow integrate this with permissions so upon joining a class you join a permissions group for that class, say i become a vampire, i also join the vampire permissions group,
      1. Lemn
        that way server admins could set spawn locations, custom skins, class chat (so you can chat to just members of the same class) and use of a plugin just for that one class through the permissions group. Again im really sorry if this has been suggested before, if its not possible or if you are already working on a way to put those things into your plugin without using permission groups.
        Oct 21, 2011
    3. kingoftime
      is there a certain way to set up both permissions and supernatural players at the same time whenever i have them both running i dont have ANY powers but if i turn supernatural players off permissions works properly any ideas?
    4. LordDead1233
      about your awesome Supernatural players plugin.
      I can't find any client-side plugin....
      or isn't it not excisting??
      By the way sorry for posting
      1. Matterz
        No it doesn't exist. I don't do that sort of thing and no one else has yet.
        Jul 27, 2011
      2. LordDead1233
        alright but can you maybe inform me if it excists because I rly love this plugin :P
        Jul 28, 2011
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