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Jun 14, 2019 at 10:50 PM
May 15, 2011
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Mathias Eklund

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Jun 14, 2019 at 10:50 PM
    1. ichigo99912
      Hey i need help with your groupsell plugin please help me out! thanks.

      If you have skype my name is: IchiPlayzMC
    2. UnitedPvP
      1. Mathias Eklund
        Mathias Eklund
        I'm sorry. can't take up any more projects at the moment.
        May 20, 2014
      2. UnitedPvP
        It's ok. Thanks for looking though.
        May 21, 2014
    3. YoutubePVP
      Hi there, Add me on skype it is YoutubeStudioz, im willing to pay alot if you can code for me.
    4. Gorillasmash
      they deleted tht post can u still take it on?
      1. Mathias Eklund
        Mathias Eklund
        add me on skype: Woldclanmember
        Feb 5, 2014
    5. Greg.
      Would you be willing to make a plugin for me?
      1. Mathias Eklund
        Mathias Eklund
        Send me a message with details and we'll see
        Jan 12, 2014
    6. timtower
      About the plugin requests that don't have the filled tahg: don't waste your time on it :P
      It is a lost battle, tried it before :p
      1. Mathias Eklund
        Mathias Eklund
        i know... :)
        Dec 3, 2013
    7. mathiaslaramee
      Hi there Mathias - Awesome name btw :)
      Im actually a person that you would have no idea who is buuuuuuuuut!
      I saw a post where you made a tpa plugin for some guy without essentials - Does this require bukkit because if not, I would love to see that plugin since bukkit isnt released for 1.7.2 yet. :)

      - Sincerely, Mathias
      1. Mathias Eklund
        Mathias Eklund
        It's made for bukkit, so i guess it requires bukkit.
        Nov 15, 2013
    8. Lucavon
      I saw your post on a McPvP Kangaroo Request, you asked if he want yours.
      Could you send it to me please?
    9. xXDragonBearsXx
      Math , Kangaroo plugin doesn't work as good . ALL materials can can double jump I need just the Rocket to double jump and stuff like if I was a A pvp kit And I would right click the sword I would jump in the air.
    10. AcronyXz
      Hey do you think you can help me with a plugin
      1. Mathias Eklund
        Mathias Eklund
        I don't know. need more information then that. Write me a pm.
        Oct 13, 2013
    11. xXDragonBearsXx
      give me the kangaroo plugin please
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