Aug 7, 2011
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    1. Ming_720
      Hey, I think that your plugin is a great idea and I have seen it work wonders for others, but I don't have a bukkit server mine is coded in Java then run off a website rather then form my computer. Bukkit unfortunately doesn't work for me so I was wondering if there is a way to get Buycraft on that. Thanks!
    2. TNTUP
      I dont think its a place for feature requests, but for custom amount purposes, like someone donates $30 to the server, with a variable {donated} or {amount}. I see I can setup custom variables but for the amount of donation, how I can do that?
    3. coreymichealroy
      Hey! Thanks for creating such a great donation plugin! It helps my server ALOT!
      1. lmc likes this.
      2. Forge_User_73049341
        Great to hear! :)
        Nov 25, 2013
    4. proxem
      Hey man - I tried to post on the buycraft page but it got buried :/ Can there be a way to make a larger gap between executed commands? They run too fast so I can't tele people to the correct world before they're given items sometimes.
      1. Forge_User_73049341
        As in a delay?
        Jun 23, 2013
    5. C0nsole
      Whenever you post something about buycraft you say "we this, we that" but on bukkitdev your the only one that is listed... Just curious who "we" is and maybe that you should give them a bit of credit. I know Haribo is someone who helped make themes... Maybe add them as artist on the bukkitdev page or something like that.
      1. C0nsole
        Haha fair enough.
        Apr 4, 2013
    6. bearbear12345
      Hey, can you start developing a forge version if buycraft?
      Basically forge is an api for vanilla minecraft, so therefore the bukkit version WON'T work,

      I can help port it with you if you wanted!
      1. Forge_User_73049341
        I'd love to have you help out, send me an email to lee AT tebex DOT co DOT uk. Thanks!
        Jan 12, 2013
    7. Razick
      I thought the emailed link would take me to a page with additional information and the option to cancel, but it just said thank you for you aupport.

      Please give my membership back: While I will consider donating, I am not okay with losing my membership. Thanks.
    8. codemaster0
      Hey, I watched the video you have posted on the Buycraft page and I realized it's a bit hard to understand everything you say. I'd love to redo the voice over and add some sound affects to the video if you're up for it. here's an example of my voice incase you need it
    9. Teddeh
      When someone donates using PayPal on Buycraft, once sent can it go through to any type of credit card?

      EG: Donate with PayPal and send to Email with a VISA Credit Card on it?
    10. supre
      on our server to get donator rank, the command is: pex user {name} group set "Donator"

      but buycraft doesn't allow ""

      can you add this in, we don't work with donator nodes, rather than a group itself.
    11. Enrux
      Suggestion (Buycraft):
      When I receive a mail saying that someone had bought a package, I think it would be great if you could add the payment method it was used :D
    12. Nikve
      Hello, I too need to reset my password on my premuim buycraft account. My Skype is Neek141, My msn is [email protected]. Please contact me asap, I would like to get this working as soon as possible. Thanks!
      1. Forge_User_73049341
        There is a forgot password option.
        Mar 7, 2012
      2. Nikve
        I know that but I also forgot my email. However I can provide a paypal recipt to verify my purchase.
        Mar 7, 2012
      3. Forge_User_73049341
        Send an email to me at
        Mar 8, 2012
    13. Shay Williams
      Shay Williams
      Hey lmc; I need to reset the password on my premium buycraft account. Could you add me on skype or MSN or just send me instructions? My Skype is Vaquxine, MSN is [email protected]. Cheers mate!
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