Dec 28, 2010
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Forgotten what profile updates actually *do* in XenForo...does this alert everyone? I think I'm going to start using it to share blog posts Jan 6, 2014

    1. Pii
      Im getting "read time out" error every 1 hour , You know any way to solve this problem? Please help me :(
      2011-06-25 04:45:50 [INFO] Read timed out
      2011-06-25 04:46:23 [INFO] Read timed out
    2. Youknowmeas!NF3RN0
      EvilSeph, one of my freinds cant see Craftbukkit-0.0.1.jar, its a map for him, how do he get it to a .Jar file?
    3. 12sd
    4. chriswong
      Isn't it fun being user #1?
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    5. wewantska
      I cant delete bukkit and it slowed my pc help ME!!!!
      1. zachoooo
        Lol. Just delete the JAR file.
        Jun 18, 2011
      2. DreadKyller
        ^exactly, and bukkit will not slow down your computer unless you are running it...
        Jun 19, 2011
      3. Th3Controller
        Don't run craftbukkit without a .BAT file. Because if you don't craftbukkit will take over your computer.
        Jul 14, 2011
    6. RuinCraft Plugins
      RuinCraft Plugins
      Its KravenToxic...
    7. RuinCraft Plugins
      RuinCraft Plugins
      Please unban me....Thanks......Im sad :(
    8. Shurfire
      can you check the ban apeal mail someoen i know was banned. (brother) and he sent a email their. if you canread it please. thanks :) also he stated he never got a warning.... the terms say useally 3 warnings.
    9. Flassher
      dude can you help me please? i'am getting a wierd error on my server all the time and i really need to fix it.
      culde you please help me? when i gett the error the server crashed like some mins after then evryone have to leave
      please help me :( i really need your help :(
    10. isaak iacobucci
      isaak iacobucci
      can u please help me!!!!!! email me: isaak.iacobucci@yahoo.ca
    11. blackalegator
      lol so much comments here. XD Anyways, thank you very much for bukkit ;)
    12. x2nec
      heyy i sent you a message in conversation, did u see it? thanx
    13. rexs123
      hey is there any one that knows if there's a plugin besides permissions and Essentials please help thank you
    14. xxfa110utxx
      Hey Seph the server i am an administrator of LOVES bukkit.
    15. lolmaster7
      some online?
    16. Jayjay110
      Wow, seriously! Im still banned :3
    17. ZombiJesus
      How do I create a plugin by my self?
    18. luv2fap
      How Can I Start Devving?
    19. rockxz2135
      When i die in my 2nd world(not the new nether world, but the one made with multiverse) i get respawned back to the default world idk if this is an error with multiverse, minecraft or bukkit.
      Bukkit 818
      1. Tim Visee
        Tim Visee
        Thats not an error. The plugin developer for that teleporter to another world must be programmed when you die you are in the world remains
        Jun 5, 2011
    20. woodzy
    21. hskrasek
      EvilSeph, I was wondering if there is such a place where I could atleast notify you of a plugin developer who is for the most part just out of control in being a dick.. I know the developer has full control of his plugin, but still I'm sure there is ateast a standard Bukkit Plugin developers need/should abide to. Just curious.
    22. woodzy
    23. Chick3nman
      hey i just wanted to let you guys know that without you my server would be nothing. i appreciate all that you and the other team members do and the first chance i get to donate i will. thank you for everything!! ps: please pass my thanks to the rest of the team if you could. that would be nice:)
    24. Beauseant
    25. epicmctime
    26. xRespawntime
      Evil, Minecraft is now at 1.6.5. I'm not sure if that now means you guys can develop a newer version of bukkit, however i thought i would let you know.

    27. Ne0nx3r0
      You got banned off my server? lol, I just noticed your name in the banlist. - the.lonelymc.info
    28. bevso
      well as your an admin, can you help me out, i have been looking around for some time now and cant find anything of use or of help. I would like to make a bukkit plugin but dont really know where to start.. I know your a busy admin but please help a guy out here. reply and ill say more but i need help on how to code it and all that as at the moment i dont have a bloody clue, but i hope you can help me :D
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    29. Ganadewa
      Thank you for your great work.
    30. ploopo
      plz update the "developing a plugin" (Or tell whoever does it to) or the "Huge Plugin Tut" (Or tell whoever does it to)
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