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A new CraftBukkit Recommended Build (1.4.5-R1.0) that provides Minecraft 1.4.5 compatibility is now available. This Recommended Build has been promoted so that servers have something reliable to use until they are ready to update to the upcoming Minecraft 1.4.6.

Please note: Minecraft 1.4.5 clients will not be able to connect to Minecraft 1.4.6 servers.

Will plugins break with this build?
Provided the developers of the plugins you are using are keeping up with the development of Bukkit, all your plugins should work fine, with the exception of plugins that use Minecraft or CraftBukkit code.

Important Note: this Recommended Build contains a new safeguard to protect servers against unchecked and thus potentially damaging plugins. See the announcement here for more information:

Known Issues:
  • Monsters, villagers, etc. using portals (added...
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As Mojang continue to work towards the Minecraft Plugin API (cleaning up and rewriting the code), the code within Minecraft and CraftBukkit will undoubtedly shift. Fortunately, as the majority of the plugins available have been developed using only the Bukkit API (which was designed to be resilient and mostly update proof), this code shifting should not affect most of your servers.

If, however, you happen to be running a plugin that uses code outside of the Bukkit API (like Minecraft or CraftBukkit code), those plugins are highly likely to break and bring down your servers with them - often without any advanced warning - whenever a Minecraft update is released. In response to this very real problem, we've had to make the difficult decision of forcing plugin developers that use Minecraft and/or CraftBukkit code within their plugins to re-evaluate their work with the release of every Minecraft update to ensure they are still functioning as intended.

It is important to note that...
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Bukkit takes great pride in providing the community with plugins that are free from malicious code through our plugin hosting site, BukkitDev. This commitment to the community means we need to have many talented and dedicated individuals available to help us with file and project approvals around the clock and around the world.

Due to amount of hard work, time, and dedication it takes to provide this service to the community, we are looking for more talented, trustworthy individuals to help us keep approval times low. Developers want to see their plugins approved regularly and within a reasonable amount of time, while server admins want to be able to download the latest version of the plugins they use as quickly as possible.

Applicants must:
  • Have Java experience
  • Have submitted at least one plugin to BukkitDev that is not a basic generic plugin
  • Be a good community member
  • Be able to connect to and be readily available on IRC (Esper)
If you think you...
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Since the release of Minecraft 1.4 back in October we have switched to a slightly altered release system where we focus more on Beta Builds over Recommended Builds. The purpose of this was to provide people with working, stable builds at a faster pace while we waited on new additions to the API to be completed. Unfortunately, basing our release system on a moving target like the completion state of the API was a big mistake. As a result of making these changes to our release system, we are nearing the release of Minecraft v1.4.6 and we don't have a single Recommended Build in sight. People are now rightfully confused and have inadvertently been lead to believe that we don't have any usable releases for 1.4, leaving them feeling like they are stuck on 1.3.2 when this is not the case.

To alleviate this confusion, we've decided to make a slight change to our release system until we can completely change our naming conventions some time in the new year. Instead of Recommended and...