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    What is the best plugin when it comes to making zones where pvp and monsters are disabled. I would try iZone would, but I'm running SuperPerms and it says it only supports Permissions. Does it matter?
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    WorldGuard is the best ;)
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    World Guard or Residence are certainly the best for that they have settings for each zone such as:
    Creeper-explosion : Deny
    Mob-spawning : Allow

    You can edit the zone settings with in-game commands, residence is the easiest to edit because it auto edits the zone you are standing in. But the above flags are for world guard, residence uses true or false.
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    I've tried WorldGuard before the reason I stopped using it was because I didn't think you could setup safezones like I want and I still don't understand how. Tutorials on youtube either suck or are in German/Deutsche.
  5. You should check out my Regios plugin :D
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