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    Kid Tiger

    Hi guys,

    I've done a bit of searching for this particular plugin and I can't seem to find it.

    Basically it'd be setting up parameters/boundaries/areas that would enable or disable particular permissions for users.

    So, if I have one side of my world dedicated to legitimate crafting, and one side of the world dedicated to modding and building with summoned material, I would make it so when you enter the legitimate area certain permissions would be turned off like /giveme, /time set, /tp... and anything else.

    I think this would be a sexy plugin.
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    Just an addon to this, you'd actually have to separate inventory as well, or they'd just stand 1 block out of that region, /giveme /item /heal /time day, and walk back into that region.

    If you're okay with it being multiworld, there's a few multiworld plugins themselves to turn on multiworld, Permissions 2.5.4 (and up presumably) can do world-specific permissions, and there's MultiInv to keep the world inventories separate. Got that running on mine - Creative gets all commands, Survival gets none of the 'cheat' ones, and the inventories aren't shared so what you cheat in Creative stays there - you get to WORK for your diamond picks in Survival ^_^

    Otherwise I'm all for this plugin, but something would have to be done to make sure the cheated items stay outside of the non-cheat area.
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    Kid Tiger


    I'm just not sure I can handle managing 2 different IPs, 2 sets of users and permissions, and there's only 8 of us in our current world right now that separating us into 2 different worlds, altogether, might be a little too isolating.

    A single world zone/realm on and off switch would be sweet, but you may be right that when that's finally created it may not be longer than 1 hour into it that I'm wondering... "now only if we could keep those summoned items and materials out of the legit zone."

    Give me dat cookie and I'ma want dat milk, said the minecrafter.

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