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    Plugin category: Zombie

    Minecraft version: latest

    Suggested name: Zombie

    What I want: i would like a plugin that when a player joins the server it auto balence and you either become a zombie or human now then it will say in chat "You have been chosen for " Zombie or Human "Type /fhome" and that will then take them to there spawn location . These commands will then tp you to a location (Set by doing /setzombie or /setsurvivor ) And then above the players head it will say zombie or survivor (Depends on witch they chose) if they chose survivor they will get the kit when they run the command (Kit set in config , also using essentials kits ). so then there objective is to kill the other team. If its possible can you also add so they carnt kill there own team
    i would also want so when there are no zombies online it auto fills with npc zombies
    Ideas for commands:
    /setzombie /setsurvivor
    /setkitzombie (Maybe sets kit of what you have in your inv right now)
    /setkit survivor

    Ideas for permissions: player.zombie

    When I'd like it by: a week.
    Edit : Changed Some stuff up
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  2. Now is this a Game or a Balance System for an existing Plugin?
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