Zombie and Mob Control

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    Alright, so, I know Bukkit isnt completely ready for extreme plugin requests, but I thought I'd put this out on the table.

    There is currently a plugin for hmod that inspired this idea, which allows players to become considered zombies, who then burn in sunlight. This kinda branches off of the concept to a larger concept.

    A group (or flag, if deemed more proper) would be considered a Zombie, and the server would intercept the skin of the players in the group and redisplay it as a zombie to other players, with only a max of 2 pieces of armor visible (making it look like a shabbily armored zombie). The players stance (standing or crouched) would be intercepted and redisplayed to other players as crouched, so that even when running, the zombie's name cannot be seen until it is very close.

    Now on to the broader concept. Zombie players would be able to use Bones and Bonemeal to spawn Skeletons and Zombies respectively by right clicking at a point. Like some mods which consumed items for an effect, the Bones and Bonemeal would be consumed in an amount that would be deemed acceptable though configuration. Furthermore, swinging a bone normally would attract the attention of all skeletons and zombies within range to the point where the player was aiming, summoning them to the intended location, while the plugin would prevent the player from taking damage from any strays who approach the player.

    This kind of plugin would allow Zombified players to control an undead army and send a siege against a city. This would allow players on a server to, in a sense, choose between playing as a good human character, or as a part of the undead horde.

    In conjunction with a town-based roleplaying mod like Towny, a Zombie city/nation could declare war against a human nation and siege their cities at night while those in the human nation would have the advantage at day.

    I'm sure there's a lot of work to be involved in an idea like this, but what do you plugin devs think about this idea? Would it be possible? Could other interesting features be added to enhance the experience?
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    I posted something similar to this idea except that you didnt need to be undead to control the undead. I really hope someone reads it :p

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