Zeppelin Plugin: Flight by Aircrafts!

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Should this plugin be brought to the Bukkit community?

  1. Yes! It would be great if some kind person would bring this to the Bukkit Community!

  2. No, minecrafters don't need anything like this. It would not help us.

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    Aced God

    The Zeppelin Mod

    What exactly is the Zeppelin Mod?
    The Zeppelin Mod is a mod which allows players to fly/sail around in their own aircraft, boat or submarine. Flight is smooth, redstone is fine, and there are very few bugs during flight.
    How would creating a plugin for this contribute to Minecraft servers?
    It would encourage building homes in the sky, bringing cannons to wars between clans/factions. It would bring a much, much, much more interesting and creative way of PvP or PvE​
    I would be very thankful if a plugin developer would consider bring this to minecraft. I know that something called "MoveCraft" is similar to the Zeppelin Mod, however, it does not give as many features as the Zeppelin Mod, such as ease of control or diagonal movement.
    Instead of adding a new block in the plugin, it would be better and simpler to use a block which is already in Minecraft, like a Gold Block. Making this configurable would be nice too.
    This is a video of CaptainSparklez showing his fans the wonderful Zeppelin Mod in SinglePlayer.
    If you want to develop this mod into a plugin, please contact blakmajik.
    Of course, most of us can't help with the development of this, however we can still all help in a way. Simply take the poll, and vote saying that you wish for this to be added. Or you could just leave a comment, showing your support.​
    Thanks in advance for reading up to this point.​

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    Nope not possible.

    Sorry :/

    (I can't be bothered saying why)
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    Aced God

    I know that it will be very hard to create and that it may lag servers, but we could set up permissions so that only certain people may use this and limit the amount of aircrafts.
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    "...it may lag servers..."

    It will crash them. It will corrupt maps. It will be the worst plugin in the history of MineCraft servers!
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    This would be really cool, I'd love to see Zeppelins brought to Bukkit. Obviously, it would require modding the client, but it'd be worth it.

    The main difficulty is that this mod is currently only single player. The developer plans to add SMP support in the future, then a CraftBukkit port may be in the realm of possibility.

    The closest you can get today on Bukkit as far as flight goes is the Hot Air Balloon mod, I run it on my 1.2.3 server and it's a lot of fun, even though it isn't as sophisticated as Zeppelin. There was also a CraftBukkit port of Flan's Planes for 1.1, but now the latest version is only SSP at the moment too.
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    Is this still active? Well in case anyone came here with your hopes up... its impossible. Minecraft is voxel-based so such dynamic block-entities are impossible, as they are not pre-supported by the client.

    It, or something similar, would probably be possible / plausible in Spoutcraft, but there is actually no way its gonna happen in vanilla (Its just not possible).


    - Barry
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    what about the magic carpet plugin, but with different blocks?
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    Movecraft already does that. This is a request for a fluid motion version.

    This is technically possible with FallingSand entities, but you'd fall through it.
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    This was suggested before, I don't know where, but could you spawn an entity like a pig onto the zeppelin, make the pig invisible, and have the player ride the pig?
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    No, because the pig would fall also, and you can't make it invisible.
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    It could work out pretty decent to mix up the use of a platform for the player to stand on (to stop the falling) but keeping in mind that there will be up to a thousand falling sandentities the entities themselves would probably glitch out every once in a while, making a half-decaying ship glitching back into place every other second. Possible, but very glitchy (and not very smooth).
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    Or maybe just keep the falling sand entities except the blocks players are current standing on? And anyway... If a falling sand block is an entity, surely it can go through other blocks because it isn't part of the voxel mechanism?
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    Well. Now that I think of it you might not be able to turn the falling blocks so that it gets the "floating" feeling.
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    Whitehooder Yeah, I thought as much - Im pretty sure Notch would only have built in the ability for sand entities to fall down. Hopefully Jeb will build in some other mechanic soon that adds a similar ability but in different directions :)

    - Barry
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    barrysmith You can actually control them, but not (I think) turn it by any degrees.
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    Ah yes, of course I forgot! Pistons!

    SO why is this mod impossible then? Surely smooth block movement entities aren't affected by collisions with blocks client-side, are they? Some thing tells me they are... :(
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    What do you mean with the pistons? You can give smooth block movements by having FallingBlock entities and giving them velocities but the only downside is that you cannot 'turn' these by, say 45 degrees. They have to stay inside the grid.
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    I was saying that when pistons push blocks, they have a moving block entity.

    Yes, the rotation matter is VERY annoying. For now, the only option seems to be spoutcraft for this kind of plugin, and even that would still be very complex :(

    Minecraft just isn't designed to have moving blocks with its voxel data system.

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