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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Zombieghost_391, Dec 14, 2014.

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    Starting a series to help people with bukkit and spigot topics, I need suggestions for them doe, so if u have a subject you want me to go over tell me here so I can do them.


    Doing this because most of the big Bukkit developers on YouTube quit so here comes gen 2
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Moved to the resources section.
    Make a playlist instead.
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    1) Yes The All Capped Words In Your Description Is Very Good!
    2) Nice GTA5 animated font - page header ;)
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    Deleted user


    Some complaints about your latest video:

    1) Why are you hard-coding colors?
    2) No need to use core = this. JavaPlugin.getPlugin(JavaPluginClassHere.class) works nicely
    3) I hope you're cleaning up your ArrayList of Players
    4) You could use a HashMap for your teams, in case you have so many, because you'd be O(1) instead of O(n)
    5) TeamExcptetions?
    6) You use the same Inventory instance, and you clear it, meaning 2 people clicking a villager would result in a flash of items

    Some more complaints about your first video

    1) Why are you returning Integer?
    2) It really looks like you're going to have global teams, and those teams store players, meaning that this plugin is not multi-game compatible
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    In response to:
    2. Actually that's a pretty awful way of going about it. Use a proper Singleton, or just pass instances around like a good OOP programmer.


    I find it interesting that you call yourself some sort of second generation of them, which is suppose is fitting because your coding practices are only marginally better than the ones of those before you. Why don't you try creating a script before writing these videos? They'd seem a lot less disorganised and you could run it by someone who actually knows how to code before you post it.

    In response to your latest video:

    1. You leave a public static reference to your main class, lazy and sloppy at best.
    2. Your tone and knowledge requirement for the viewer is schizophrenic, at one point you assume they know what a constructor does, and then turn around and explain the "this" keyword. It's completely inconsistent.
    3. You create a separate Exception for no reason, you don't seem to understand what exceptions are used for, exceptions are extremely expensive operations and throwing one just for having the Player in a List is a waste of time and CPU cycles (a LOT of CPU cycles, mind you), which brings me to my next point
    4. You should be using a Set instead of an ArrayList, the order of the Players does not matter and it, by it's nature, prevents duplicated entries, so you don't need to check for that.
    5. You throw an exception where an abnormal return value would've been perfectly functional, and a lot less expensive.
    That's all I could come up with off the top of my head, I'm sure there's more though. Try and learn Java before you try to teach others.

    P.S. you spelled "already" incorrectly.
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    You can just remove this from here, its useless.
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    Locked on request.

    Please use the report button if you want your Thread to be locked.
    However since I am not a 100% sure whether you were speaking of this Thread or tims comment, you can feel free to request an unlock at any time using the report button.
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