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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MCnumi, Jul 1, 2016.

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    I am currently developing an enchantment plugin. We can say for now that this plugin adds "enchantments", I wouldn't want to spoil it now would I... I'll just give very vague hints then cut to the chase.

    Some Information
    1. It has a very clean GUI, very informative system, so customizable to the point where it will practically give you the choice of what effects you want in the plugin.
    2. It will add new "potions" and "enchantments" into the game that force the players to really focus, learn the system, and make PvP as intense as it should be.
    3. It will completely overhaul enchantment PvP and make it as interesting and fresh as mcMMO was when it first came out.
    4. There is absolutely (and trust me, I have searched,) not a single plugin like this anywhere, on any website, or server.
    5. I have received explicit permission from the creator of "Crazy Enchantments" which adds over 70+ enchantments, to add his enchantments into the mix.
    6. I plan to make two versions of this plugin, one that is dependent, and relies on Crazy Enchantments, and a standalone version for those who don't want Crazy Enchantments in their server.
    7. Most "enchantments" and "potions" will either have cool-down, or will rely on chance.
    Some Examples
    I've done the math and the number of possibilities for new features is over 1,000! But obviously I can't add them all, so please write any ideas you have for cool effects while in PvP. For example: A player may get 1 health for every hit landed, or whenever a player hits another player, he starts losing money per second. Stuff like that. The best ideas can and will be implemented into the plugin.

    Please suggest cool enchants (again, they will be added very differently), suggest cool PvP features, and anything that you think would make potions and enchants more interesting!

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    • Potion of Haste: Big surprise, it gives you Haste :p
    • Potion of the Full Belly: You don't get hungry as fast. Feel free to change the name.
    • Potion of Archery: Increased bow n' arrow damage.
    • Potion of Fortune: Acts like the Fortune / Looting enchant. Increases drops from ores & mobs.
    • Potion of Defense: Gives you more defense.
    • COMBAT:
      • Life steal: Not super original, but definitely something I'd LOVE. Also, just for some realism, don't make it work on the undead (zombies & skeletons). It just doesn't make sense...
      • Frozen: "Freezes" enemies in place for 1 second and gives them slowness for 3 seconds.
      • Backstab: Attacking from behind does x1.5 damage or something like that.
    • GENERAL:
      • Endurance: Gives you more hearts? Or it could give you defense (armor points).
      • Repair: Slowly repairs the tool (make it pretty slow so it isn't OP).
      • Soulbound (I believe this is in the ExtraUtilities mod): The item stays with you when you die.
    • MINING:
      • (Axe) Leaf blower: Leafs decay quickly after mining the tree
      • (Axe) Large blade: Digs in 3x3 for trees, or back to the normal 1x1 if you're crouching.
      • (All) Void: Allows a configurable list of blocks/items to simply void when you pick them up if you're holding this tool.
    I'm sure I'll think of more, but for now that should help. Feel free to change them to your liking, but I hope this helps out :)

    It's always great to see developers like you. You guys are the people who make the REALLY good plugins.

    EDIT: "I've done the math and the number of possibilities for new features is over 1,000!"
    How the heck did you get that number? What kind of math is possible, when you don't even know what features are going to be suggested....
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    Is this still being worked on? It sounded so exciting, I'd really love to see this completed ;)
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