Solved "You do not have access to that command"

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by vice313, Feb 2, 2016.

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    I am having truble with PEX and its permissions system

    I have a range of working commands but some are not working:

    • /home
    • /back
    • /warp
    • spawn
    • /homeset
    • /ivs
    • /evs
    Not working:
    1. /tpa

    I have attached the permissions ex permissions.yml and its config

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    @vice313 I believe your issue is that essentials.tpa is defined in both the student group and the admin group, I believe this will make them get cancelled out, but not totally 100% sure. Try removing the perm from the admin group since they have inheritance from the student group already.
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    I believe @Refrigerbater is right. You keep adding permission nodes repetitively onto each rank on your ladder, which is not required unless you want to negate that permission node. To remove a permission node from a rank that inherits one below it that has the specific permission node, add - -essentials.tpa for example.
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    all fixed thank you all :)
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