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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Nick_Landing, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Hello everyone,
    I've been digging around for a while looking for an answer but I've not found an answer to my specific question.

    thanks to advice from Jade i'm using McmyAdmin (along with group manager) and having a good experience. however here's my question:
    can i disable building in a group...but allow interaction with switches and things?

    in the "users and groups" section of McmyAdmin there are two drop downs. one enables/disables building, the other enables/disables interaction. i have building disabled and interaction enabled. however, members of that group can use pressure plates and stuff.

    is this an option that's in mcmyadmin, but not really supported by groupmanager?

    I've looked through the .ymls directly but i'm not very experienced with these and I didn't see anything with this function.
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    drop using mcmyadmin as an editor, it just makes a mess of YML files which is hard to edit later. the 'interaction' node does not exist.
    you need to fine tune your permissions using essentialsantibuild if you want to allow interaction only with it.
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    I think that's exactly the info i need. Thanks.
    do you have a resource that explains nodes? i think i know what you mean, but not 100%. i'm using notepad++ and i'm guessing a yml node is a collapsible section....right?
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    in conclusion, i never did get this to work..... but i've decided i don't need it to behave as i was planning anyway. rather than granting "members" permission to build, I've just starting using a worldedit/worldguard combo and creating protected regions that players cannot edit.
    toss in lockette and it serves my current needs. we'll stick with this setup for now. maybe later if we have a greifing problem, we'll revisit total lock-down of building for visitors.
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