xRay, xRay, xRay... I will get heart attack

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    I have RateOfxRay plugin. So I had server with 6 players online and I checked each of them for xRay and Jailed / Ban them... But now My server is more popular and have 40/40 Players all the time... And about 80% of players is using xRay... even all my managers are saying that they have checked every one of them by inspecting... And All have 100% xRay... Now I don't know what to do... I insalled orebusfactor and after 1 week started to LAGG. So I removed it.


    I need simple plugin that will check % of diamonds, stone... for each pleasr... and when there is 150+ % Player get banned (I mean it activate command or more custom commands trought console) so player is jaile.


    If you think this idea is bad... Can you please, please tell me plugin to Stop this f*** xRay! I can't believe how mods are popular this time :S
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    I don't get what you're trying to request.
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    I think he's trying to say this:

    When a player mines X number of [Ore] for every X number of stone the plugin will execute a certain command.
  4. Every Anti-Xray, plugin will lagg your server.
  5. I never said Massively lag, i saided Lag.
    As in, Anti-Xray the plugin, it will lag your server, If you have 40/40 people every day.
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    I put a plugin on my server that broadcasted when a player mined diamonds/emeralds and anything else you wanted it to. So if you saw in chat

    player x mined 6 diamonds

    player x mined 2 diamonds

    etc you would know he is xraying and it didn't cause lag.
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    Yes that plugin is called FoundDiamonds,
    Linked here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/founddiamonds
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    I ran both FoundDiamonds and Anti X-Ray on one of my servers. It might be worth taking a look at those and seeing if they will do what you want.
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    Hm this is not good idea with "Anti-x-ray". Basicly I already had it. Problem is when player dig into diamond it block it... But then he just set his home (/home set) and wait 1 hour... and TP to diamond... Basicly it doesn't do the thing... I need auto punish system
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    That would ban players who use caves for their ores.
  12. Again, not true. My server had 150/150 and I ran my own anti xray plugin with 0 lag. Unless you are meaning that EVERY plugin is going to cause lag of some sort, yes.
  13. [quote="XlegitXcrazymanX, post: 1533192, member: 90631149"Unless you are meaning that EVERY plugin is going to cause lag of some sort, yes.[/quote]
    That's what i mean.
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    for an equal balance between lag and effectiveness (if orebfuscator lags your server way too much) i'd suggest spigot
    its suppose to have a light version of orebfuscator built into it using engine mode 1 which is suppose to be less laggy then the full version of the plugin but it only hides the non exposed ores. so the ores you can see just by walking thru the cave (without mining anything) would be visible at range by an xray client
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    I use XBP and darktrace. both work great
    if the users have 5%-20% with XBP that means they are xraying, darktrace is a bit different.
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    The purpose of the Anti-Xray system is for you to be notified of them reaching a limit in mining diamond per hour. You can then teleport to them (vanished, of course), and inspect the way they got to the diamonds in question. If it looks fishy, you can approach them if you're sure it's x-ray. Else you can wait a while and continue to monitor them.

    There is no automatic punishment system for x-raying that does not require you to interact in one way or another. Orebfuscator can prevent it completely, but you tried that and it lagged. Anti-Xray (to be notified if they hit the limit of diamonds per hour to know to keep an eye on them) and FoundDiamonds (to see how fast they're getting to diamonds) is probably your most ideal combination. If you have CoreProtect, HawkEye, or LogBlock, You can also throw XBP in there so you can view their ratios at any time, if you suspect them of x-raying.


    Remember, the server doesn't run itself for you.

    To prevent lag with Orebfuscator, though, turn off ProximityHider in the configuration (although this will allow ChestFinder to work), and turn EngineMode to 1 (Orebfuscator in EngineMode 1 will hide all ore blocks not exposed, but users can still see ore blocks that are exposed to open air).

    If you need more help with lag optimization or fixing lag in general, send me a PM.
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    I suggest getting NoLagg. Also, getting better RAM. Once that's done, just get http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/Orebfuscator. It does not lag my server that much. Only issue is that, sometimes, during server lag (which we get sometimes) the player sees tons of ores. Once, my friend was playing and he though he hit a jackpot when he found diamonds, emerlald, lapis, and tons of ores in one spot, but then after mining found it it was stone. Otherwise, quite a good plugin. If you get tons of lag. I suggest using http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/anti-x-ray/. It is not as effective but will hardly lag server at all.

    My info may not be correct because my server runs on 12-core i7 and 32 GB of RAM, but I hope I helped.
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    NoLagg is really useful. Not only does it help with some things in the background, like reducing lag with Orefuscator, but it also lets you group dropped items. If a player decides to have a drop party with nothing but dirt, and no one is at spawn, the items can be "grouped" together as basically one item. It also delays TNT explosions.

    Upgrading RAM is nice, but expensive. The rig you have sounds pretty costly, but I WANT IT SO BADLY.
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    LOL. Your right- costs us lots of $$$ per month. Anyways, but with the new update for Minecraft- 1.4.7, items are automatically grouped and you do not need NoLagg for that. Either way, I know! No lagg is amazing- reduced lag on my server to 0.
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    NoLagg i recommend aswell.
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    If you read his original post, you'd know that he said it lags his server over time. Clearly, he can measure that better than you since it's his server.

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