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    i have an idea for a ?new? Plugin. This Plugin is perfect for PvP Servers. Okay, lets go:

    Suggested name: XPShop (for example)

    What I want: Why isnt possible to buy Items or enchantments with the Experience points?! You dont need a Iconmy plugin or Money (Dollars), you can kill some mobs or players (or otherwise) and earn XPs, which you can use to buy Items or Enchantmens for your Weapons/tools/armor.

    You can buy the Items/enchantments over a click on the Signs. two example signs:

    Items: (Infinity Shop)
    cleanstone (1)(Item) (Name or ID)
    20 xp (price)

    Knockback (enchantment)
    I (level of enchantment)
    30 xp (price)
    You have to equip the Item to enchant in your Hand

    Ideas for commands:
    XPreload (reload the plugin)

    Ideas for permissions:
    xpshop.sell (only for Items, or no sell)
    xpshop.create (the permission to create a Shop)
    xpshop.admin (all permissions for admins)

    is that possible to create this plugin?
  2. Let me do this.

    Almost done, but no enchantments.

    Finished, tested, time for BukkitDev!


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    Wow, I was about to request this plugin! thanks

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