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    I don't know if it's minecraft or bukkit but when the same message appears in the chat it will just put a [x2] beside the message. This can be very annoying because if you play on a faction server, it messes up /f map on. I would really like to disable this [x2] thing on my server so if anyone knows how that would be great.
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    this is the new spam filter blocker that vanilla minecraft/mojang thought would be a good idea and would solve all our spam issues. its great isn't it?

    I assume there will be a plugin to get rid of it at some point, don't know of one yet though.
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    Hey, anyone know a mod that does this client side? I know nodus does it (lol) but is there a separate one?
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    This was posted nearly a year ago, but I do know the answer to this. It's called Nodus, it's a griefing client, and it has this method of AntiSpam. It's buggy because if a player repeats a message, (e.g. "lol", "yeah", etc.) it won't appear as a new message, it'll just show [x2], [x3], and so on. I must admit it's a nice idea, but with all these anti-spam plugins, it isn't much use anymore.
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