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You find Kiborgik PHP script (webpage) useful and want to see further development?

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    Hi there,
    okay first of all i know the original project Kiborgik Webstats for mcMMo is sadly long inactive and closed. But maybe someone knows a little about php scripts and js to help me with my problem.

    First of all i want to tell you what is working:

    I am using:
    - Mysql Server version: 5.5.24 Protocol version: 10
    - mcMMO 1.3.09-dev-b940
    - His PHP script - link to his Ukrainian download site
    - GitHub - link to git

    I have set up:
    - Mcmmo is writing all skills and users into the sql database like it should do.
    - Apache Server and mysql are up and running, also hosting other stuff like beardarch etc..
    - I chmoded the mcmmo /data folder to 777 and the *.json files to 666.
    - McWebStats page shows up but does not list any players, also there are skills
    and players recorded in the sql database!

    Players lastlogin are exported successfully out of the sql database into the /data/user.json file but the users_skills.json file stays empty and only shows []

    - apache2.log shows no errors
    - firebug showing no errors.

    I have tried to contact Kiborgik but had no luck so far.
    Please, i would be very thankful if someone could help me.


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    I haven't find any problem,just the htaccess file is not working,that's all.
    Delete the .htaccess file.

    If not work PM me,and if you want to add things or change things in this script pm me.
    3 year experience.

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