Would you guys like a Theater Mode-like plugin?

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Would you people like to see a Theater Mode plugin? (similar to Halo's or COD's theater mode)

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    I am currently developing a plugin that will be similar to Halo's or COD's theater mode. The poll will be for if I should continue the project because right now I am stuck trying to solve a problem. If you don't know or understand what theater mode is, it allows you to re-watch your game play and view it from different perspectives. This would make a great plugin for game types like UHC.
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    I think it would be neat to see it done. I can't see any personal uses for the project but if you can pull it off well I think it could be pretty impactful.

    If you choose to continue it, good luck. It doesn't seem like an easy task but it would be really cool to see if you could complete it.
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    Right now, I'm having trouble spawning in fake players. For now, I just have a villager spawn in and mimic the player's movement from the recording. Once I tackle the fake player spawning in, I can continue making more progress on the plugin.

    Yesssss. I finally managed to spawn a NPC using the Citizens API. I couldn't find a way to spawn one in using only Bukkit and yesterday I failed at spawning one in with Citizens. Turns out my server was on the wrong version :p

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