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    Plugin category: Not sure.

    Suggested name: WorldWalls

    What I want: I would love to see a plugin that completely disables EVERYTHING when interacting with another world.
    Example: If I were to have a kitpvp server and a survival server, I do not want the ranks, plugins, plugin configs, and death messages from KitPvP to work on the survival server. And if someone donates for a rank, they will strictly have it on KitPvP, and not survival too.
    Also, when a player does /spawn it sends them to a specific world spawn (there need to be multiple, and the default /setspawn cannot work because you can only have one.) I can use Multi-Verse Portals to get from server to server, so that will not be a problem.
    And preventing things like teleporting, and using /back between 2 worlds would be awesome.
    Essentially, adding a multiverse world onto your current one would be like loading a singleplayer world - no permissions or plugins!

    Ideas for commands:
    /plugin allow <name> <world>
    /plugin disable <name> <world>
    /plugin edit <name> <world>

    Ideas for permissions: worldwalls.admin - Let's you use the WorldWalls commands.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, an estimated time below if you may please <3!

    *Please don't recommend PerWorldPlugins; it's only for plugins and is to buggy for me to put to any use, and not what I'm looking for*
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    Yep, this is a job for per world plugins
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    Per World Plugins would be good if it allowed you to edit plugins per world

    Ex: In factions world people see an announcement "factions is cool", and in kitpvp world they see "kitpvp owns". however its either enabling it in one world with all the features, or none at all.
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    Maybe it's because it's not as easy to separate plugins per-world as you think
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