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    Hello, I got a really good idea for a plugin, I don't know if it already exists but I can't find anything like this. What this plugin have to do is that it;

    - Saves your world from the first time generated
    - Saves every block placed by players or plugins (Like WorldEdit) in a Database such as MySQL so it won't reset that
    - Restores/respawns looted/killed Temples, Pyramids, Villages, Animals (Pigs, Sheep, Cows, etc.)
    - Resets The End world including the Ender Dragon (Configureable in the config.yml)
    - Resets the Nether Fortresses and other things in the Nether
    - Resets all creeper-explosions holes in the ground in the normal world (overworld)

    This all could be done with a command, something like; /resetworld or /worldreset.

    So what I mean is that the plugin saves the world from the beginning when it has been generated, and when all Temples and stuff are looted and killed it restores all of it, of course, it won't reset anything built by players and like I sayd before, plugins such as WorldEdit using the database.

    It would be so nice if anyone can make this plugin, if someone can find a plugin already made with all this, please, tell me, 'cause I really need something like this.
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    Can't you just use Logblock or HawkEye to roll back all of that? You could just make it log all the actions you want to "reset"
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    I believe he wants to reset any destroyed block, killed mob (dragon) and looted chest, while not re-rolling placed blocks (buildings) inventory and such..

    You could simply build in one specific area, and one in a while delete all the wilderness chunks, thus generating new ones.

    As for the end, you can simply delete your end world, and for nether fortress do the same.
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    No, you can't use LogBlock or any other Anti-Griefing tool for it. And yes, Neotician, I want the plugin to reset all the destroyed blocks, looted chests, killed mobs, Temples and Pyramids, the Ender Dragon (Wich is not so hard to re spawn myself) and the Nether Fortresses. That building up a specific area is a bit anoying 'cause when players want to build stuff in there they just lose it every time. And yes, I am using Multiverse so I can reset and regenerate every world I want, wich is very handy for The End world, but not for the Nether, 'cause people build in there you know..

    Thanks for replying though, didn't expect that ^^

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