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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by PringleChips, Dec 1, 2018.

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    Hello tehre, I have a question
    I want to know how to add more blocked cmds in a region, I know this is asked by many more people but This question is different.

    I tell you the problem.
    This is my region thingy in a world:
            min: {x: 234.0, y: 61.0, z: 61.0}
            max: {x: 261.0, y: 80.0, z: 104.0}
            members: {}
                blocked-cmds: [/cc, /chestcommands, /holograms, /worldedit, /we, //brush, /litebans, /jep, /joineventspro]
                unique-ids: [*I REMOVED MY UUID OTHERWISE PEEPS CAN VIEW IT HERE*]
            type: cuboid
            priority: 0
    Ok so my problem is that you can see there doesnt fit anymore blocked cmds on that row "blocked-cmds:" But i want to add more blocked-cmds if i add another row then the whole system is broken. How make it so i can add another row in the config or regions file to place my blocked-cmds without breaking the system? c:

    Thanks for reading my post thing i hope i will get an answer soon! :D
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @PringleChips And why can't you add more things then? Add a comma and the command.
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    oh i just figured it out i meant it like this

    blocked-cmds: [/afk, /tablist, /chestcommands, /brush, /tl, /litebans,
    /cc, /jep, '/essentials:afk', /joineventspro, /holograms, /worldedit,

    Last time when i just continued typing he blocked cmds it automaticly put me on the next line to write but then the blocked cmds broke. Idk what i did now i just did it ingame now, SO i can do that nextime or just look from here.
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