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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Konkz, May 27, 2012.

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    Hey, I want to define a region for the WHOLE world.
    I know it's possible, as my friend who is admin on the server has
    done it. But he went on holiday, so now I need to define a world
    I created.

    And no, __Global__ will not work. As it sets flags etc
    and not defines region
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    i saved my self a page of how 1 of other user here fix that problem

    "With worldguard installed for starters. From what I understand, sometimes with worldguard under the regions config file you may or may not have a __global__ region by default. I feel I had messed up my __global__ region settings that I had had, so I simply deleted the entire __global__ region text from my world regions file. Then I logged into minecraft as op and typed the following. /region flag __global__ build none This sets the global region build settings to none. To me, this is similar to deny except it doesn't override all subsequent settings as deny does. So now, anyone in minecraft that isn't standing in a region that has been created specifically for them, cannot build. Then to allow certain members to build in global, simply use the addmember command... ie. /region addmember __global__ exampleuser or you can add approved groups.... /region addmember __global__ g:examplegroup"
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