WorldGuard building issue.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by HazedCube, Jan 3, 2013.

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    My friend wanted to help build stuff in my server's spawn, so i added him as a 'Owner' the the region of spawn. He can place blocks and stuff, but cant dig below ground level? I set the region about 10 blocks below Y of 65, which is ground level where my spawn is, and the region is about 50 blocks high of Y of 65.

    Here's what the region looks like:
    (stardust258 being my friend):

    type: cuboid
    min: {x: -79.0, y: 45.0, z: 144.0}
    max: {x: 22.0, y: 123.0, z: 296.0}
    priority: 0
    flags: {pvp: deny, greeting: You are now in SPAWN,
    build: allow, mob-spawning: deny}
    players: [italianpizzaman, space_bat15, stardust258]
    members: {}

    Me being Space_bat15 and OPed, i can build there anyway. The same issue goes for my friend ItalianPizzaMan. There are no other regions blocking building on the ground floor, apart from one which double blocks mob-spawning, i might remove that to see if it changes anything.

    - HazedCube
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    @HazedCube It sounds like the region below the spawn region is blocking them from building. If removing it allows them to build you'll have to give them permission to build in that region when you add it back.
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    Ok, ill remove it and see what happens. Thanks.
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