Solved WorldGuard Blacklist for Cocoa Beans (Not Working)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Shadowsych, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Hello Bukkit helpers! I have a problem with my Cocoa Beans when I blacklist it. In worldguard there is a config file where you can blacklist items so certain groups can't place,break,interact, etc. with the block or item. I have a Minecraft drug server and I don't want the police rank to place cocoa beans. I made it available for them not to place wheat seeds,pumpkinseeds,netherwort,cactus,potato, and other farming items. But I can't get Cocoa Beans to work. I put in the ID of 353:3 but it doesn't work. I even tried it's name: Brown Ink Sack but it doesn't work! I dont know the problem of why the police players can place the Cocoa beans when they can't place other plants. I think it's because it has a :3 in it's id like (353:3). For the :3 And when I put Brown Ink Sack it had spaces which wouldn't work. I tried BrownInkSack to in the config but it didn't work. So please I need help! Thanks!
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    Use just the name "COCOA".
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    As far as i remember the worldguard blacklist works by ID only, which means, you cannot block just cocoabeans, so youd need an antibuild plugin that can block per damagevalue, such as EssentialsAntibuild.
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    WorldGuard works both with IDs and names for years now.

    353 is sugar. Cocoa is 351. I tested it and this prevents people from planting cocoa seeds:
    Or whatever triggers and actions you prefer.
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    Alright thanks I will see if the 351 works or not. And No I tried Antibuild I had so many problems and such and I fixed the problems took a long time! But I am already doing it with worldguard which is going fine except he cocoa beans.

    Haha thanks I fixed the problem now it was the 351 thing I needed to add :)!

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    Remember it will block everything ID 351, not just cocoa beans, such as bone meal.
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