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  1. Plugin category: Admin tools

    Suggested name: WorldEdit Rollback

    A bit about me: I'm finnish and owner of a small/medium server thats hosted in canada.

    What I want: A plugin that can easily rollback worldedit changes with a command. Saves the edit information into a WorldEditationID. This should be like //undo so that it can undo anyone's worldeditation and that you can choose witch worldeditation to undo, not only the previous one. For the permissions, I would like to have group manager support.

    Ideas for commands:
    /werb rollback [WorldEditationID] - Rollback worldeditation
    /werb check X Y Z - See if the block in the coordinates has been changed with WorldEdit. If changed with worldedit, show the WorldEditationID
    /werb idtool - Get tool that is used with right-clicking to see if the block has been changed with WorldEdit. Again, show the WorldEditationID if the block has been changed.
    /werb redo [WorldEditationID] - Redo rollbacked worldeditation
    /werb help - Show all the commands available.

    Ideas for permissions:
    werb.rollback - Access to /werb rollback - default:false
    werb.findid.idtool - Access to /werb idtool - default:false
    werb.findid.coordinates - Access to /werb check - default:false
    werb.redo - Access to /werb redo - default:false - Access to /werb help - default:false

    When I'd like it by: Anytime.

    Similar plugin requests: Didnt find any.
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    coreprotect can rollback changes which were made with Worldedit
  3. I checked it out but it isnt what im looking for really. I would like to have a system that could rollback the specific worldedit action, not just reset an area from backup.
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    I hope you understand you're asking for quite a bit.

    The amount and complexity of lookups and storage needed to persist and query changes would be formidable. On top of that, the revisioning and compatibility issues with other plugins when rolling forward/backward changes are going to make this project difficult.

    All that just to roll back a few changes? Typically only OPs on a server have worldedit permission anyway, so if it were me, I'd just tell my staff to be more careful with WorldEdit.

    I think there's probably a simpler solution than this.
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    WorldEdit by default stores the history for the player for a few operations, it's used for //undo and //redo. I never really understood why there was no//undo <player_name> for admins.

    Maybe modifying WorldEdit would be the best way to do this.

    The best solution would be to have block changes made by WorlEdit logged by a plugin like LogBlock then you can just roll them back like normal. Unfortunately this is not possible because of the large number of block that can be changed in one operation.
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    I think hawkeye can rollback worldedit or I read something about it in the post, maybe im wrong.. you should check it out though

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