[WorldEdit] Picture to .schematic Converter v1.1 - Create Pictures for your Minecraft-World!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Pasukaru, May 5, 2011.

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    You can place art and pictures horizontally by using MCEdit:
    1. Create Schematics using this program
    2. Use Import tool in MCEdit
    3. Press 'R' to roll the art or picture horizontally
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    I would really like the option for more block types. Obviously wool is best for pixel art, but I'm using it to make an in-game map: http://www.darinlwebb.com/blog/2011/07/the-cartographer/

    WorldEdit cannot do "//replace 35:4 sand"
    If you do that, all the wool becomes sand, so having nonwool options would be great.

    oh my... I just scrolled down...

    I'm going to pretend you just did that. :)

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  3. I tried to do the picture in my sig, it got EXTREMELY messed up. can you look at it? :p
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    i dont know how to run the programm because there is no exe in the zip file :confused:
    (doing something wrong???)
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    You run the .jar :'(
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    i dont have a .jar :confused: only a zip file including 5 folders full of .class files ...
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    Wow, this is AWESOME. Great work guys :D
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    help please tell me how to run it
    the downloaded zip file contains the folders : edit, META inf, gui, nbt, pics
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    @mav559 - Just right click, open with, and select java. But, it shouldn't be a .zip file. Try re-downloading, if it is still a .zip just change it to .jar. That might work.
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    This. Is. So. Awesome!
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    Great plugin, but I'm having problems with even opening the program, I have it set to open with Java(TM) Platform SE binary but everytime I try to open this, it appears for like 1 second or even less and just disappears, anyone else having this problem or have I done something wrong, help is much appreciated!
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    Hai, Is there any chance I can render a world map with this I made in paint?
    If not, do you know a program that does?

    Tyvm, Drauk
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    This is almost exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much for making this! I do however have one problem with it. I hoped for a program that would look at the current (or selectable) texturepack and to let it create a schemetic specificly for the specified texturepack. Could you please add that to your program? For the rest it really suits my needs :)
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    Hello.... When I run it... it says invalid or corrupt .jar file, Can you please recheck. Thank you :3
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    People would think it is a plugin....facepalm lol :p
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    Suggestion: Convert skins to .schematic :D
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    Moved to Bukkit Tools section.
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    I know this is an old thread but... would you consider sharing the sourcecode? Or maybe add an option for horizontal output?

    I tried using mcedit but the rotate tool doesn't work in the latest versions apparently x.x
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    You are amazing, guy!!! Go on, with your work, its fantastic!!!! If there is a "donate", i will do it!!
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    This is so awesome
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    Im willing to donate a few bucks, but i need to get a working link to download. Looks like both links are old.....any info on a mirror, or fresh link??
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