[WorldEdit] Picture to .schematic Converter v1.1 - Create Pictures for your Minecraft-World!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Pasukaru, May 5, 2011.

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    Hello everyone!

    I'd like to present you my Java-Program (not a Plug-in...) to create .schematic files you can paste into your Minecraft-World with WorldEdit.

    Download v1.1: [file-upload.net] [2shared.com]
    Note: You need WorldEdit or (something that handles .schematic files similar) to paste it in-game!
    And again - due do PMs why it doesn't load on server start:​
    This is not a plugin, it is a program you have to run!
    • Works in Singleplayer and Multiplayer!
    • Supports all (reasonable) Minecraft-Blocks (Choose the ones you want to use)
    • Resize the picture (Decide if you want to keep the aspect ratio)
    • Change transparent pixels to any block you want.
    • Convert with or without dither (Floyd Steinberg)
    • Rotate the picture(If you don't want to use it, you can use WorldEdit's /rotate command instead)
    • Position the picture (Relative to your player's position)
    • Counts the used blocks.
    How to use (open)

    How to use:
    1. Load a picture/image (.jpg, .bmp, .png)
    2. Select the blocks you want to use.
    3. Resize the picture.
    4. Configurate the schematic file.
    5. Create the schematic file.
    6. Copy/move the schematic file into the WorldEdit's schematics folder (Singleplayer: .minecraft/schematics | Multiplayer: Server's root folder/schematics)
    7. Use //load SchematicFileName (Case sensitive!)
    8. Move your character to the desired position.
    9. Use //paste.
    10. Have fun looking at it!

    Here's a YouTube video (made before release):
    Click me! (open)

    Previews (open)

    SSJ Goku(Dragonball Z) | Col. Jack O'Neill (Stargate SG-1) | Notch (open)


    Tidus+Yuna | Yuna (Final Fantasy X) (open)


    Known bugs:
    • You can't change the output file path... | fixed in v1.1
    • Please report anything strange! (And as detailed as possible, please. That makes it a lot easier to pinpoint the bug!)
    • Add the possibility to place the picture horizontally (floor/ceiling)
    • Add the option to use custom X Y Z offsets. (maybe?)
    • Suggestions!
    • Count used blocks | Added in v1.1.

    • Fixed bug where you couldn't change the output path.
    • Counts used blocks now.
    • Removed size limits. You can now create the picture as big as you want. (A height of 128 is still the maximum in MC)
    Old versions (open)

    Initial release.

    Please tell me your opinions/suggestions!

    New updates may take a while, as I am still a beginner with programming. :p
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    - Released v1.0 -
    Please report any bugs you may encounter! (As detailed as possible, please :))
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    >An error occured,please try again later.

    Cant see your video.
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    When I try to run it, all that happens is I see what appears to be command prompt flash on my screen for a split second and then close.
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    You probably open it with the wrong exe. (java.exe is the wrong one)
    Try right click -> open with -> Java(TM) Platform SE binary. If this doesn't work, try to open it this way:
    Right click -> Open with... -> Browse -> javaw.exe
    The default Java folder is "C:/Program Files/Java/jre6/bin/javaw.exe"

    - Updated to v1.1 -

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    Hey, this is great. Amazing. Fantastic! I love it! Thanks for putting it up for download!
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    You're welcome! If you want me to add something, feel free to drop me a message. :)
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    Wow amazing!
    this is cool... Keep it up
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    Keep up the good work. Hope your still working on it. I would really like to place pictures horizontally it would really help out a lot.
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    Yeah, I'm working on it, but it has low priority at the moment because I'm working on my plugins :>
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    does it work in classic?
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    @007toastbrot tbh, I don't think so. You'd have to try that
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    The cloth doesn't show in different colours on my server o.0 It all shows as white cloth which is a tad annoying as only gold, bricks and iron show properly :L
    Could this be a problem with a plugin i'm using? I'd like to point out that i'm using Canary not bukkit, don't hate on meh :(
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    yep, i guess its because of hMod (or the plugin you use to import the files).
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    Can you upload it to another site please the download does not seem to start.
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    added a 2nd download link (2shared.com)
    I'm also working on v1.2 again. - A little bit. I have to finish the new version of my plugin first. :>
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    This looks great but one question I can't find the schematics folder! My Worldedit folder only has the config. Could you please tell me where I can find it? Thanks

    EDIT: This is too put on a multiplayer server and I am using Brohoster TC admin
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    I think you just create, that's what I did when I couldn't find one
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    where did u create? in the world edit folder?
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    The schematics folder should be located in your servers root folder. (YourServerFiles/schematics)
    WorldEdit doesn't create it automatically if it's missing - so you have to do that by yourself.
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    I am a bit confused by your servers root folder but do you mean that I can just go into my World Edit folder and create a folder in there called schematics?
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    No, creating it inside the WorldEdit folder won't work.
    If you play in singleplayer, the schematics folder should be located in /.minecraft/schematics
    On a server, its /root/schematics
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    I have Brohoster TC admin and am not sure what you mean by "root". Here is a pic of the options I have.

    Attached Files:

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    You took a screenshot of your root folder. ;)
    Thats exactly where the schematics folder has to be located at.
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    oh ahaha I understand lol so just create a folder called schematics and put the schematics pic in and all good thanks!
  27. This is just GREAT!

    Used it to create a schematic of the server owner of the server i play on.
    Then made him tp to me, guess if he was surprised when he saw he's face in minecraft :p
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    This Program is AWESOME!
    I can now make pictures into Pixelart and just paste it in my game. When do you think you will add the ability to place the art horizontaly? because that would be a great addition for when your pictures are just simply to big :)

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    I had a dream about this program last night... then when I went on Bukkit it showed up in my alerts because I was watching the thread. That reminds me that I wanted to do some cool stuff with it. Hm.
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