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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Matroy, Dec 28, 2014.

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    Hello, i want to change/remove when a player tries to mine on a protected block and he/she get the message: ''You don't have permission'' etc.
    I've read on forums and i found that the only thing to do that is to edit the source file, but i got one problem, how do i find it?

    I'm not so sure what a sourcefile is tbh, but i can edit it with notepad++?
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    You "could" edit it with notepad++, yes. BUT you would have to decompile ("translate" java-bytecode back into java-source-code), edit the file, and then recompile("translte" java-source-code into java-bytecode).
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    I dont understood anything of what you just said? So it'll be smarter if i just leave it huh?
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    @Freack100 The WG source code is available.
    No. You can edit messages in plugins with 0 programming knowledge if they are hardcoded (written plainly in the source) and if you can follow simple steps. Fortunately you can do it with WG. I can write down the steps if you want, but are you on Windows?

    Also, what version of WG do you want to edit? In 6.0.0, I don't seem to receive permission messages if I try to break protected blocks.
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