[World Guard] Deny usage of signs?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by bradybell33, Mar 25, 2013.

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    I want to know how i can deny usage of signs in a certain region, i am using this to set up a donation shop and i need to deny other groups from using stuff inside the region, ive tried turnign the use flag to deny, and that didnt work, i have also set members of the region, that didnt work, and i am stuck, what do i do next? anything helps, thanks in advanced!
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    1. Enable the sign in essentials (Assuming that's what you're using)
    2. Disable the "use" in the region (/region flag regionname use deny)
    3. Make sure (and I mean this!) that the region you specified to use signs in has priority over any other possible interfering regions.
    4. /region flag regionname use allow members
    5. Make the players members of the region.

    I do believe this should work. If this doesn't work, try enabling (Instead of disabling) the "use" in the region (Step 2). I'm assuming the second addition allowing members to use items would overtake the initial flag, but I could be wrong. Changing it to allow may limit it to only members. I haven't really tested this, but try both.


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