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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ItsJakie, Feb 5, 2020.

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    Hello, as of recently I am unable to perform some simple commands using world edit.
    Every command, such as: "//sphere air..." will kick me before I even press enter. Possibly something with auto completion? But the issue is that I 'lose connection to server' by the time I type //sphere air. I can't even get to typing any of the parameters.

    Commands like //pos1 are okay as far as I've seen. But anything else I just start typing it and it kicks me, just for typing and never having pressed the enter key.

    this is just an addition to my previous issue. Another command is also doing this. We use luckperms and whenever beginning to type '/lp group' it kicks without me ever pressing the enter key, only typing this.

    No clue what this bug is, any help would be fantastic.
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    What is the kick reason? Can you please post the server log?
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    I may have to be more specific as I can see my original post didn't explain the kicked portion.
    What exactly happens is we have subservers connected to our hub server. This same issue occurs in every subserver but not the hub.
    When the issue occurs as explained above, we are given a connection loss message in chat (what I meant by kicked, my bad) and are placed into the hub again. I attempted it in the hub server and it doesn't disconnect us. As far as we know there isn't really any debug logs from what we understand.

    Upon more thinking we believe it may be connected to an issue with our backwards compatibility plugins, either: ViaBackwards and/or ViaVersion.

    We plan on attempting to add these plugins to a test server to see if this might actually be the issue. As of now, all we've attempted is updating all plugins that could be causing the issue, but nothing has changed it yet.

    -We are also very sure that this is not a problem related to World Edit as we used to when I made this post originally.
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    Protocol hacks are not supported by Bukkit
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