World Backup and Mapping Utility (windows only)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by jasonznack, Feb 8, 2011.

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    (Windows Only)

    A powerful, yet easily customizable batch file that will:
    • create full and incremental world backups on a schedule using 7zip.
    • Trigger Cartographer and Overviewer renders on a schedule.
    • Upload the backup to an FTP server automatically.
    • Since it's not a plugin, it will work on any version of bukkit or minecraft.
    • Backup the whole server directory, or just the world files.
    • Backups are easy to restore.
    • Can announce to the server when a backup is about to occur.
    • Written by Dateranoth.

    Thanks for the great work!! I'd be lost without this thing.
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    I'm glad you like it! If you have any changes or updates you'd be interested in let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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    I was thinking about requesting an update for multiworld support, but then I realized I could just run a seperate instance of the script for each world folder. So it turns out it's still perfect!

    I'll go over it again and see if I can think of anything else I'd like to see added. Perhaps tectonicus support in addition to overviewer?
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    I'd have to install it since I've never used it, but I'm sure it's doable as long as it accepts command line entries.
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    I'll certainly look into it. I have a request for backup ftp upload I'd like to get to then I'll look into this for sure.
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    It would be nice if we can backup/zip the complete plugins folders/configs.
    And a auto remove backups older then x days option maybe?
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    Yes a full backup of the entire server directory would be nice so that config files andplugin versions are preserved too.

    I just manually delete old backups when I'm sure I won't need them anymore. Deleting is not something I'm fond of automating
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 9:41 PM ---
    Lots of people are using ramdisks now too, so backing up the entire server folder becomes even more important.
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    I've been really busy at work and haven't managed to get to this. I'll update it as soon as I can, but until then. If you want full directory backup change this line:

    IF /i %UseExcl%==yes (SET exclude=/exclude:%excludefile%) ELSE (SET exclude=)

    IF /i %UseExcl%==yes (SET exclude=/S/exclude:%excludefile%) ELSE (SET exclude=)
    If you do this you MUST use an exclude file, and be sure to enter your world directory into the file


    If you don't the world directory will be backed up twice.
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    Nice! I'll test it out tomorrow hopefully.
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    Sounds good. Let me know if you have any problems. Also, I told you wrong. the directory needs to be listed like this:


    Needs the slashes too.
    --- merged: Feb 23, 2011 11:23 PM ---
    I'm releasing this for testing as I won't have time to test it tonight myself. Once I've tested it myself I will release the final. Please report any bugs you find. Testing backup of entire SERVER directory and FTP upload of BACKUP files.

    ::V2.6-Added backup of entire Minecraft Server Directory. Refer to Variables below for -::
    ::-----options an instructions. Also added option to upload backups to FTP directory.--::
    ::-----These have been completely seperated in case overviewer and your other backups---::
    ::-----reside one two different servers. Refer to the variables for instructions.------::

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    Backups work, backups ftp uploading works but i think overviewer is not working, may be because of the new save formats? So Overviewer needs a update i think.
    Thx for the great working script :)

    Edit: yup Overviewer needs a update, so your script works fine ;)
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    Using full and ftp backup with overviewer.
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    Ok. Thanks for the info. I tested incremental and found some problems. Everything should be working now.

    ::V2.7-Fixed Incremental FTP uploads. The ftp folder is now successfully created.------::
    ::-----Allowing ftp backup to work as it should for incremental backups. Also fixed----::
    ::-----remote backup directory option. Wasn't placing backup in correct directory.-----::
    ::-----If using FTP upload of backup, incremental backups with a very large max is------::
    ::-----recommended. This way the first backup will be large and take time uploading----::
    ::-----but the following incremental backups will be much smaller and save time and-----::

    Download the latest version from the link in the OP. There were problems with incremental uploads to ftp and they have been fixed.

    Backup of config files by default has been removed as of 2.7 . You either have the option to backup just the world directory or the entire Minecraft directory. The exclude file can still be used to exclude certain files from the backup. Enjoy!
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    Does it work with 1.3?
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    None of the map programs that it uses work at the moment, but the script itself works fine.
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    Yes, absolutely. It's not a plugin and so it doesn't depend on bukkit or minecraft in any way. It is a specially written Windows Batch file that, when configured properly, will create complete file copies of your world and/or server files.
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    Yeah i know that it's not plugin, but author of CraftSave said that files are locked down in new save format, so they cannot be copied.
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    It just uses the Xcopy command from windows aka copy/paste>zip.
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    Right now I'm telling it that my world folder is actually my server folder, so its grabbing everything. So far working well...

    Is there a reason I can't see that this would be a mistake?
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    I may've missed the option for it to announce to the server that the backup process is being started. Where is that at?
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    The option is "Use VBS=yes", you then point it to the directory of the saveall.vbs file included in the zip.

    Open that file with notepad and set the name of the console window so it knows where to target. You can also edit the announcement with a custom message.

    Then when your timer for a backup goes off, it targets your console window and enters the characters to spell out save-all and whatever else you configured.
    --- merged: Feb 27, 2011 5:42 PM ---
    Has anyone else noticed that incremental backups aren't so incremental anymore with the new save file format? The larger regions mean more data is being backed up. My incremental has gone from ~8 megs each to ~25 megs each. Initial backup is the same. With a 15 minute incremental window I'll be getting close to 1GB per 24 hours.

    At that rate I'm going to have to consider a way to cull old incrementals, keeping only the full backup.
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    You can do that jasonznack, but the problem you will run into is the map programs won't work right. The latest version you don't have to do that workaround.

    McLrn277, I'm mid process of updating the script again. Working on integrating Cartograph G so it will work with the new save format. However, I took a moment to add what you wanted:

    This version of saveall.vbs has been condensed to save-all faster and now notifies that the backup is in process:

    --Backing up World--

    If you wish to change what it says, Simple open up the vbs file with a text editor and change what is after say:

    Call KeyIt( "(say --Backing up World--)", T1)

    --- merged: Feb 27, 2011 6:12 PM ---
    Yeah. The incrementals have certainly rose in size. They are still much faster at least. I was thinking of a way to cull the growth, but there isn't much I can do with the new save file size. I have thought of setting up a method to delete old backups, but I'm really not for it. The incrementals are dependent on the master file, so you can't really delete old ones without deleting an entire set. So, I'd rather leave the file deleting in the hands of the user.
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    Brilliant! My saveall.vbs was a bit clunky because I added each character to its own line.

    Oh right, the mapping software. I haven't used one since the new save format was released so I'd completely forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me.
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    I tend to agree, automatic deletion is risky. That said, is it safe to delete the incremental files and keep just the master from each run? If it is, I wills tart doing that manually one older backups.

    I would still love an option to cull incrementals older than x days.
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    ::V2.8-Updated saveall.vbs to V1.2 - Condensed Keystroke Commands & Added Server--------::
    ::-----Backup notification. Download at
    ::-----Change Cartograph to Cartograph G to support the new save format. Can be found at::
    ::----- --::
    ::-----Please refer to Readme.txt included with Cartograph G for map render settings----::
    ::-----Added option to change output directory of the Cart maps. Default is BackupDIR---::

    Changed vbs script to work a little faster and also notify server that backup has started. You can change this simply by opening up the VBS file and changing the appropriate line or commenting it out.

    Also, Cartograph maps are working with the new Region save format. You MUST UPDATE to Cartograph G for it to work!!!

    You can find it here:

    Be sure to read the readme as the options have changed. Though you can still just use the defaults if you don't have a particular render that you want. The only difference in the script is it renders North as Up instead of East. Refer to the User Variables to change it.

    I'm still waiting on a working Overviewer, but none of the options should change for it when it's released.


    --- merged: Feb 27, 2011 6:54 PM ---
    Yes, you can delete the incremental and save just the master. However, the master file will be old compared to the age of the incrementals. Incrementals are 100% dependent on the master file and each other. So, you can't go back and delete say incremental file 1 and 2 . If you do you are deleting something that you won't get back. The only way to cull incrementals is to cull the entire folder OR leave just the master.
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    Perfect, just what I needed to know. Thanks for the new version btw. It just keeps getting better and better.
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