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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by msw1, May 10, 2011.

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    Okay, this may be in the wrong section, but I am posting here because this is my best guess.​

    We need bukkit coders! If any bukkit coder would like to join us, it would be great! If anyone is interested in playing this server and can try to bukkit code, that would be great!​

    tl;dr my server would like a WizardCraft coding team to join.​

    still tl;dr Server. Need. Coders. Please.​

    Because my server is based around magic and there isn't much interesting stuff out here besides left clicking with a stick and going to a spot or shooting a fireball or placing a block etc. Not that that stuff is bad, just that its not very original. If anyone will please join WizardCraft coding, please go Here
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    Nathan C

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    :D thats my servers name :). Because its all about magic and WizardCraft is catchy.
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    I don't understand this part? Is there any reason why you don't want the plugins to be available to anyone who might benefit from them?
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    ._. It just kinda makes the server special, if you've ever played a serverwhere someone codes for the server and they aren't anywhere else makes it feel addicting. Also some of the things are tweaks in other plugins to fit my servers storyline.
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    Are you going to pay the coder? A coder would rather make a plugin and make it public because then he gets praised more than working on plugins for only 1 server. That is, unless you pay him so gets a reward.
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    Stop raging. This is just a request, not forcing people to. If your gonna say there is something wrong here, go away.
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    Okay fine. Made it so they can go public.
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