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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by gnftoxic, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I will take a look into all of your suggestions, putting it in our task tracker now. Thank you, Direct :). (Please note: We're not integrating with Permissions or any usergroup add-on. Not immediately anyways.)​
    Also, the charts - I will work on that probably Saturday or Sunday, once the plugin has either been released or is in stable condition during beta testing.​
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    Okay, sounds awesome. If you ever need more ideas, I got millions swarming in my head. After the server side has been released, you will notice I will be posting some snippets of code here and there in your thread for features that I can work on myself (PHP & SQL end)

    EDIT - About the no permissions support, Thats fine, I will just edit the SQL tables myself to edit the userclasses :p

    As it stands, I am thinking of ways to integrate this into my vBulletin so I can display their stats in their user profiles.

    When I get this finished, I will post this for your viewing pleasure :D

    EDIT EDIT - I am hoping to use this to add so many new features to the site (Forum & seperate PHP files). Just like I have my whitelist run off the vBulletin userclasses, I will use this to the same effect.

    EDIT EDIT EDIT - Cannot forget to give credit to the mod that allowed me integration between bukkit & vBulletin for whitelist ( Albus )
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    You're welcome to drop the ideas via PM to me. I will happily take a look at just about anything. This mod will stay strictly statistics and informational stuff.
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    I'm considering using this.

    - Would you have a server top list to sort each different function like blocks placed, players online, uptime, total time played? all that fun stuff people like to see and compare with other servers?
    - Anti cheat for the top list like ways to find and calculate people cheating the system
    - Graphs? Everyone loves them haha.

    I would love to see as much info as possible as long as you keep it so it hardly uses server resources. Like adding threading or maybe scheduler where does not save every thing but does it in chunks like every 10 minutes per person or something crazy like that.
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    - Yes.
    - We'll be attempting our best to add in anti-cheat.
    - I'll be working on graphs tomorrow - I've actually never made a custom one in PHP before. :p

    Trust me, I'm going to make it use the least of cpu that it can use.
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    Charts will probably be done with PHP and not a part of the server. Material statistics is a very good possibility, as with usergroups. Deaths are currently implemented and I don't know if kills is possible, but I'm not sure if I will add tools destroyed.

    Simpleshop integration will have to be done outside of my source code since I'm not familiar with it and it is only one plugin out of many that people can use.

    Thanks for the input :)
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    Any updates today?
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    I just got out of school. I'll be deploying the plugin to my two servers, and if that all ends up well, I'll deploy the add-on to some of our beta testers. If you'd like to test, feel free to send PC (PM) me.

    Edit: I'm working on the plugin until I can get a copy of the server binary myself...
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 3:00 AM ---
    An update:
    The plugin and server are currently running on one of my two servers. I will be sending the mod to those who wished to help out with the beta within the next 12 hours, surely a lot earlier than that.. but I want to make sure that the stats mod will not crash your server should the stats info server go down.
    API keys will be provided via xenustats.com soon. I will post instructions for when it's possible for a public beta.
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 6:20 AM ---
    Final update for the night:
    Tomorrow morning (approx. six hours from now), I will be implementing API key authentication into the server so that our testers can finally get a copy of the stats plugin.
    Hopefully tomorrow I will have a fully functional website, and the API key generator working.
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    There are two possible ways somebody could cheat our system: Packet sniffing/spoofing or altering the plugin to report false data.

    Packet sniffing/spoofing is the more difficult of the two, however, we don't know yet how we will prevent it. Traffic encryption will do nothing because they can just use the decryption method found in the plugin to alter the data. We'll have to work on this more later.

    Altering the plugin will be impossible (with the official xenustats.com server). When the plugin connects to the main server, it sends the configured API key in addition to a md5 sum hash of one of the plugin classes. The main server will check it against it's lists of acceptable sums and drop the connection if it isn't approved. If you are plan on using the server I'm working on, you will be able to disable this feature completely and allow any version of the plugin to connect. If you don't want to do that, you just add the acceptable hashes to a sql table.

    This feature isn't implemented yet, but it will be soon (before the plugin is publicly released). If you know of any way to prevent packet spoofing or any other ways to stop cheating, just let me know; it will be greatly appreciated. Obviously people will try to cheat and there's no stopping that, so they'll always find ways to do it. However, we'll monitor the stats actively and check for abnormalities. This doesn't guarantee that they're always true, but it will at least stop some people.
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    Here's the start of our public display, however we're using premade software for the moment (to meet the requirement date I set for at least a private beta release).
    This is the global player list. This will automatically be updated every 10-20 minutes via the system. It doesn't do too much right now, but that's the goal of today, to make it do much more. :)
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    @gnftoxic - I like that you are using vBulletin 3.8.x :)

    I like the layout and how it matches the layout. When this is finished, and if you have it all setup for vbulletin, I will gladly port this all over to other forum software.

    Als0, I cannot wait to test this myself. :)
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 7:25 PM ---
    Also @gnftoxic - the letter image thing for your registration for the version you are using of vbulletin you are using is not working.
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    Yeah I know. GD has never worked right for me.
    Also, I will be porting this to XenForo as it is, but this is the global player list. The versions handed over to each server admin will be their own server stats, instead of having 1000s of players.

    I hate vBulletin, but I don't have another XenForo license... and since I have vB3.6-8x, those being the versions with Kier's help, I'll use it.

    Registration is fixed.
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    I can do PhpBB, vBulletin (All Versions, pre-beta to latest), MyBB, IPB and a few other smaller forum types. THe only one I have not bought a licence for is XenForo.

    Thanks for the registration fix.

    I am looking at the edits you do, hoping to see what I can do soon :)
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    You should definitely get a XF license. It's awesome. AJAX is amazing, btw :D

    I'm slowly working on this (we're getting our fair share of idiotic "hackers" on survival, sooo, taking care of that at the same time)
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    I agree, AJAX is quite the amazing little tool :)

    I hope you settle all you hackers :(
    Hackers arent good in a server... Makes it less fun I think.

    Just let me know, I am going out to buy 3 mre S-Video cords to add a few more screens to my work area. 5 screens arent enough lol.

    I will be back in a few hours (2-3 hours) as I live out of town.

    Very excited for this :)
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    Haha. The hackers are settled. I love plugins by awesome people.

    Have fun getting your cords, I only have one display... I need like 10. :p
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    5 screens currently.

    9 screens going to be running by the end of today.

    I need them all! lol

    Coding, Gaming, Editing, Image Creation, Facebook, Twitter, Skype... all need their own screens XD
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