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    You may follow the development live @ - Diamond-Interactive
    Hello there CraftBukkit and friends, I would like to announce my current project that i have started
    and hope to release within a month or two. I'll be working on a dynamic web to server application system that allows the server owner or head staff the accept or decline members on the server whom are applying for a staff position, When the owner or head staff member accepts the application the player whom applied will be promoted ingame and told when he/she comes online, But if the person whom applied get declined he/she will be told a custom message defined by the server owner/admins. Currently i'm doing the web-end of it all with the php and user based systems i would like for anyone whom knows php or knows allot about java who can help me get this project up and running full and out by the end of my expected time. Make sure to message me your ideas on what i should include on the web-end of things

    • When an application is accept/declined you will recive an email telling you that it's been accept or declined, When declined it will also state the reason why
    • (Admin/Staff) Interface for accepting/declining applications
    • User login/register system (Needed to apply for staff
    • Staff list with standing statuses (Good/Medium/Bad/Suspended)
    • Removing staff for the staff team
    Expected in V2
    Give us some ideas and we will get em' done

    Free Version -
    Depending on your server size we will recommend a version for you if you're only a small server that gets 1/30 players daily the free version will be best for you will not as many features and support for the free version, Easy to setup, Easy to configure
    Paid Version -
    At only 15$ you can get full support and setup by our team with a few more features in this version its better for bigger servers getting around 30/100 people daily, If you need support day or night we have a good support team from Diamond-Interactive to help you Configure, Or even set it up for you (Please note: Getting our team to set it up will require a extra 5$ for time spent doing it)

    Tekkit support -
    DxApplications will not be giving tekkit support until tekkit reaches a good stable version of minecraft and we deem its worth doing so, You can use the system for tekkit but not support will be given for the Free or Paid versions

    Screen Shots -

    Staff List (Main page - V2 the staff list will be a new page)
    Checking the status (CODE)
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    Hello, I am making similar project, but as a managed banlist. In future, if people are interested in such thing (realbans.net) , then I had a plan to integrate it with plugins like xAuth or AuthMe through HTTP API directly from plugin, requiring player to first be approved by an admin.
    You project looks nice, but I think, there needs to be one unified interface for all this stuff.
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