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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by V10lator, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. As many users cry for an update of the elevators plugin but it's copyrighted and the author isn't reachable I decided to write a new elevator plugin from scratch.

    Planned features:
    • Callable via redstone.
    • Controllable via sign (select floor = left click, move to floor = right click)
    • Output via signs:
      • One visible: Where's the lift? Is it moving?
      • One electrical: Gives redstone output when the lift is at a given floor OR gives redstone output when the lift is moving up OR gives redstone output when the lift is moving down.
    • Maybe (optional) glass pane doors.
    • Maybe Inception support.
    • Maybe (configurable) chance that the lift stops at no floor and all outputs get off. If that's the case a "lift repairer" has to do a predefined action (not sure which). Maybe with optional FiredUp support (fire fighters would be lift repairers, too).
    • Maybe optional whitelists for users:
      • One for them to use the lift at all.
      • One for them to access a floor (different whitelists for different floors).
    • Maybe customizeable lift speed.
    Stay tuned... :)
  2. Go man, go! Ever since Cybran ditched the Elevators plugin, it's been difficult to conveniently move between floors.
    Will your V10lifts have the screen-door effect Elevators had? If so, could it be constructed using any materials (glass blocks/panes, iron blocks, iron bars, fences, etc.)?
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    @Nox13last: does this answer your first question:
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  4. Please note that this is a very early version. It can't, for example, move anything in it. Also this one simply uses buttons to control the lift. I don't know if I will change this to signs (like I sayed in the list of planned features) later.

    What do you think? :)
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    I think that Uh oh! There was a problem loading this video.
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  6. Sorry, seems to be an error by vimeo. I try to upload it again. :)

    //EDIT: Hmm, always "Uh oh!"... Will make a new video... :/

    New video:

    It's still uploading/converting, but in the mean time (and in the case of a "Uh, oh!" again) <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

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    Cool! Now, some comments:
    1) Since I heavily doubt anyone would want a non-square elevator, could you add "wand" to select a cuboid with the elevator? Or adopt the way of original plugin (floor = a maximal number of connected blocks of the same type as you're standing at, walls/roof - everything connected to floor/walls)?
    2) Shortcut commands is a must (like /v10le, /v10la, ...)
    3) Yes, and please make a video during the day :)
  8. 1) Not sure atm.
    2) Command aliases a a minor thing but will be added (in a late development stage).
    3) But I have TheDarkness running on that server... :D
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    2) Great!
    3) Oops :)
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    GREAT! I love that you are making this plugin! GREAT! You are the best!

    - Slower speed
    - Cuboid selector with WorldEdit. (Just use their API.)

    Thanks for doing this.:D I'm a web designer and PHP programmer, therefore I unfortunately can't help you. :(
    Again: thanks! :)
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    Don Redhorse

    cool...looking forward to it.. I really liked it and find it a pity that the original developer left without a trace ;-(
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    yo @V10lator
    i will be a tester for you if you want
    if you need one
  13. Just to show you I'm still working on it:

    No. Maybe I'll add a cuboid selection later, but not with the API of another plugin, especially not something bloated as WorldEdit!

    The developing is slowed down atm because I'm really busy doing other things but I hope to finish an alpha version soon. Then I would need testers like @cocoson. :)
    Also not all of the planed features will be added. I'll kick off the outputs, for example. But you can still use outputs, like shown in this example:

    If any developer want to speed things up: Feel free to ask me for the sources to help me. But be warned that I'll give them under some kind of NDA to you, just to prevent stealing (the finished plugin will be released as open source software and of course with credits to all helpers). You should also know how to create patches (with the unix diff command, for example).
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    well from the videos it looks like the elevator got jumpy instead of smooth like the first video
  15. Smooth block movement (like with pistons) isn't possible without a client mod.
    In the first video the jumping was exactly the same, there was just some lag in the video and the elevator moved faster so maybe it wasn't visible that much.
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    ok was just wondering
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    Instead of moving the player with the blocks, why not make the players movement smooth.
    Get the players coordinates, add their current Y plus like "0.1" or some speed that correlates with the movement speed of the elevator blocks. It would at least make the players movement smooth which imo is better than jumpy with the blocks. Either way its amazing, keep up the good work :)
  18. @nala3: I thought about that, too, but it would mean (much) higher CPU load (and bandwidth usage). Also, the more you teleport a player (in the same timeframe) the less he can move, and I want the player to be able to move as much as possible inside the lift (let me tell you a secret: The entity isn't teleported at all when the lift moves down ;)).
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    ahh I see what you mean, guess I did not think of that :p
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    well would it be possible to use the pistons system to move the elevator it might be smooth if u can figure out how to implement pistons into it some how
  21. The block movement of pistons is client sided, so no smooth block moving without a connected piston. :(
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    well what about making a piston connect to the bottom elevator and push it up and have the piston just relocate and on the way down just have the sticky piston pull down and relocate the piston again
  23. The cabin has air blocks in it, a piston can't move air...
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    @V10lator so just curious how it's going with this and if you have a tentative schedule for the first even testing release. (Which I would be willing to test out on my server btw ;))
  25. Well,I'm still busy doing other things and I won't give release dates as even if I take the worst case in my opinion now there can come something more worse and then you will kick my ass for scheduling the release date... :p
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    Indeed I see what you mean :3 Oh well, was worth a shot
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    What about smoothing player movement by adjusting the velocity instead of teleporting? That could work, and if you worry about CPU load and bandwidth you could make it toggable in a config...
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    @Waterflames: I have not seen a proper API (neither Bukkit nor Spout) to do this. Did you?
  29. He talks about player movement, not block movement. But that had to be timed very good...
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    Haha, this is sick V10! I'll add it to the server as soon as it's done!

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