WIP: V10juke: Turn jukeboxes into speakers and a sign into a HiFi station.

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by V10lator, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. This was requested from camcade here. It's not the original idea but I hope you'll like it.

    With that plugin you will be able to build a sign which acts like a HiFi station. You will be able to choose the sond with a right clock and start/stop it with a left click. But with the HiFi station only you will not hear any music! For that to happen you have to connect at least 1 speaker (you can connect as many as you want) with redstone to it. Speakers are simple jukeboxes.
    You will not be able to use the redstone wire from that for redstone transmission. Also it's areally bad idea to link that wirering to a redstone cable because the HiFi station will search at the whole cable for new speakers at every start of play! If you want to have a redstone signal showing if speakers are active or not use a redstone repeater as gate from the HiFi to the redstone wirering!

    • Sign layout: 99%.
    • Speaker finding mechanism: 100%.
    • Start/stop song: 50%.
    • Switch song: 50%.
    • Start speakers: Not sure, they won't activate right now. :(.
    • Activating cables: 100%
    BTW: Does anybody know how to stop a playEffect?
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    WOW, and thanks for giving me credit!
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    anyway i could download this?
  4. matthayez011: WIP = Work In Process... wait till it's finished, than you can...
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    how long will it take do you think?
  6. Well, the main issue right now is that the speakers don't start. But I'm very busy atm and so I don't find much time to look into it, so it's hart to say right now. Maybe it's finished tomorrow, maybe in a week... I really can't tell you atm. :)

    //EDIT: Btw: The cables have no maximum lenght which means the searching of speakers could bring lagging to the server if somebody build very large cables (not tested yet). So it has to support permissions(Bukkit) but that's no hard task to include.

    P.S: @All: Do you want the ability to controll this with redstone, too? (start/stop the song with a redstone impulse, for example)

    //EDIT²: It seems to be a bug in bukkit. :(
    The function
    playEffect(location, Effect.RECORD_PLAY, song);
    doesn't work at all! But:
    playEffect(location, Effect.DOOR_TOGGLE, song);
    works like a charm.
    So I have to find another way to play the music till that bug gets fixed.

    //EDIT³: No other way... :(
    So we have to wait till it's fixed in bukkit...
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    Man, I could really of used something like this
  8. Nothins
    Dude, this post is 3 years old... Don't responce to topics that are so old.
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