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What would you like more.

  1. All this to be in the Install script.sh [All the backup scripts and everything]

  2. More options

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  3. A Gui[ncurses makes me :< but it will do]

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  4. Make a cake[not a lie{kind of a lie<ok a lie>}]

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    joshua katz

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    Hello I am gravypod.
    A friend and I are working on a shell script to fully setup a VPS to be ready to be given to a client! We wouldn't mind a few extra hands! We are FAAAAR from being done. If you would like to test this [it most likely wont work] and send us the errors you get we'd be very great full.

    Link to our git-hub!

    Thank you for reading!

    p.s. If you would like to help add me on Skype, I'm gpodkatz

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    I'd be interested to see how this turns out. I've set up minecraft servers a number of times on various dedicated and virtual servers, I've often thought about writing a bash script to labour the task for me.
    I think this script would be very useful to users who are moving from a home hosted solution to a professional server.

    Some of my thoughts on the script:
    I don't think that the non-free packages are included by default on a lot of debian distro's, and I believe the Sun JRE is non-free.

    I think you should note to users that your script is for Debian based OS's; possibly you could expand into Redhat, SuSe, Arch etc systems too. (Here's a handy link if you do https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacman_Rosetta). You will no doubt have to do some research into different distro's repo's.

    I don't think a GUI would be useful, because the majority of users will have to access their server via SSH.

    I can't speak for everyone, but I don't like scripts which download and use other scripts. I understand it's probably to simply to shorten the setup script, but I think it would be better either to package all the files together (in a tarball) or have the setup script create the files.

    I personally create a system user to run the minecraft server, and a group of users with permissions to the server. It makes managing the server with a group of administrators more tidy; perhaps you could include this?

    I also don't think all the "sudo" are necessary or tidy. You should simply add a check at the beginning of the script to check whether the script is being run as a root user.

    Hey, why not go all out and add the option of setting up a ramdisk for the minecraft world directory :)
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    you might want to check the methods used to install MineOS CRUX.

    It might give you some ideas about how you do or don't want your process to work.
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    joshua katz

    Thank you for your contribution
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