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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by RPGWorld, Sep 24, 2011.

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    RPGQuest - RPG Questing for RPGWorld

    Questing and more!
    Currently needs Citizens 1.1!
    If you're getting an error with Register,remove Register,not needed right now :p


    • Questing!
    • Complete RPGWorld support!
    • Easily Configurable!
    • RPGWorld NPC Support! (Possible Citizens support)
    • Parties!

    • ZNickq
    Contributions from:

    • Samkio
    • Tips48

    Ok, this is how the configuration looks like right now! It might change,but it will probably stay the same! (will add more data for specific quests later)
            Repeatable: false
            Start_Message: If you want to get started, here is a quick list of things we'll need to begin.
            Requirement: BeforeQuest
                    Amount: 5
                    What: LOG
                    DisplayName: Logs
                    Amount: 8
                    What: ZNickq2
                    Displayname: The_Boss
            Finish_Message: Perfect, just enough to make the essentials.
                WOOD_SWORD: 1
                WOOD_PICKAXE: 1
                WOOD_SPADE: 1
                WOOD_AXE: 1
                WORKBENCH: 1
                FURNACE: 1

    How to use:
    You should figure out how to create new quests on your own...>.>
    To create a quest giving npc,you type /npcset [questname]!
    Then you follow the instructions!
    You get the quest by right clicking with a book,finish it by right clicking with a paper,and with anything else,drop it!
    Other commands:
    /q info -shows quest book
    /q info [number] -specific info on a quest
    /q verbose - toggle quest announcements on/off!

    The only known issue is no Linux compatibility,will fix this tomorrow!
    If you find anything else,post in this thread!

    Quest types:
    KILL_ONE = kill a player,or a mob,a certain amount of times
    KILL = kill any player an amount of times (any player raises the limit)
    GATHER = get items
    BLOCK_DAMAGE = damage blocks
    BLOCK_DESTROY = destroy blocks
    FIND = find a location (here,the amount value is the radius you need to get to the location,for the objective to finish)
    BLOCK_PLACE = place blocks
    ASSASSINATE = kill one player,one time,without getting damaged at all by that player!

    • Fixed some bugs in the move quest!
    • Added npc removing command,you type /npcrem [start/finish],and then right click the npc,and he will stop starting/finishing quests!
    • Added verbose option,use /q verbose!
    • More messages are now formatted correctly! If you find any more (with not RPGQuest before the message) tell me and i'll fix them!
    • Added update tracker,will notify you if a new version is available!
    • Completely reworked quest saving/loading! The only file saving/loading now is npcdata.dat,and i'll get rid of that soon!
    • The new info is stored in YAML files,in RPGQuest/players/
    • You can modify that data on-the-run,just don't touch the "setting" stuff,i am using that! :p
    • Some more bugfixes!
    • Added DISABLE_COMMANDS permission taking,it will stop the player from using any commands (like /home,etc.)!

    • Fixed BLOCK_PLACE quest type!
    • Added permissions system,if you put "BLOCK_PLACE,BLOCK_DAMAGE,BLOCK_DESTROY,ITEM_DROP, or ITEM_PICKUP" in the apropiate quest section, players with that quest won't be able to do the selected action! Good for dungeon quests!

    • Added a dependency to "Register",which is being used to support all the economies! :D
    • Updated quests a little,just restart the server with the new plugins,and it will automatically add the new "Money" tabs in!
    • (Experimental) Fix for npcs still giving away old quests after they were changed in the files! This COULD cause tons of Exceptions,give me all of em! :D
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    Got a new account...like a boss! :D
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    I could help I got a lot of time to spare. Only problom is I know coding but only mods not plugins. -,- Could you teach me?
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    look at this:
    and tons of plugin development tutorials on youtube!

    Make one interesting plugin,and you're in! :D (don't have time to teach myself,takes some time :()
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    Will you be able to use NPC's with this? I really like the idea of using different mobs for different parts of the quest.
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  7. Oh really?
    In reply to @gameswereus the NPC's we've created are geared twoards NPC's, and might be better than Citizens for this paticular purpose
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    sorry got mac osx :D
  9. So? :p
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    Java is cross-platform,works on anything!
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    Thanks for the fast reply's :p
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    Hehe I know its just i always get confused with windows tuts but i could give it a shot :)
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  15. Hey man, i would love to help you work on this. Im not an experienced coder, and only coded a few simple plugins, but i would love to work on this and get more experienced with different variations of coding. If not, ill be more than happy to write a few quests :)
  16. Go ahead and submit some pull requests, and you'll be evalutated there :)
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    Believe me,learning git is a bigger challenge than learning to code...:|

    BeerHuntor,PM'd you my skype id,we'll talk about everything there! (in about 10 hours,I NEEDS SLEEP)
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  18. Fail.... :p
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    I hope this plugin will be ready sooner. :)
    Good job! :)
  20. It will be ready a little later than when RPGWorld is :)
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    You said there would be an alpha build in the near future ? I'd be interested in testing it out if it can support Citizens NPCs.
  22. Citizens support likely won't be till the final release. It will *mainly* support RPGWorld
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    Why don't we just integrate this with the original RPG WORLD? :)
  24. Hmm?
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    Instead of 2 threads, just place this in RPGWORLD original. :p
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    Actually,i might have to put it with Citizens first...our npcs still require some work!

    Yep,there will be! Tips did tons of work while i was sleeping,i could release it right now with 2 tracking quests! (no npc support yet)
    AND the biggest recent addition,multiple quests/person! :D
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    Awesome to hear you guys are making good progress,

    It's fine if it doesn't support Citizens, as long as there is a way to have NPCs. I'm assuming RPGWorld has it's own, but are they available yet ?
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  28. Yes, that is exactly right. Npcs are coming along very well though ;)
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