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    Nights of Haven is a full blown RPG experience for Minecraft. We're tailor making the world, picking up a couple pre-existing plugins, and making our own for the more elaborate things we need to do.

    We have two large plugins:
    mcDungeons - A suite for making custom dungeons and various difficulty monsters. Complete with adjustable health, damage, and movements speed by region, along with some custom events and extensions that will make your plugins to have more control than ever over combat. In the future it will allow for specific point spawning within dungeons, dungeon reset/respawn timers, and loot chests (both within the dungeons that respawn and are filled from a custom loot table and also rare drops from NPCs on death).

    NoH - This may eventually be split out into individual plugins, but currently it holds our job classes and experience calculations. The jobs each have custom armor layouts, weapons, base damages per weapon, and armor values (meaning you could have 2 classes that both wear full diamond, but take different amounts of damage from the same attacks, and both use swords but deal different amounts of damage, and have completely different abilities). At the moment only the Knight has started to be implemented, and there is much more going on that just this, also it's all stored in a database, not config files.

    In tandem with the plugin development we also have builders designing a beautiful world to truly capture the RPG experience.

    You can find more information and updates at our blog http://mcnoh.wordpress.com , where we keep up to date information as we deploy new features. Soon we'll have posts from the developer of the dungeons plugin and also from our main builder on some of the things he's done.
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    Seems like a great project, your website is well laid out and looks professional, can't wait for more dev videos!
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    I've finished the core implementation of the Knight class and am interested in feedback and ideas people may have. They most likely won't be implemented before launch, but we plan to continue to expand the classes after launch.

    http://mcnoh.wordpress.com/2012/08/09/battle-buffs-and-bleeds/ has the information about the Knight class in its current state.
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