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    The must-have RPG plugin is coming out, and it's called Extreme Classes! This plugin will convert your server in an amazing totally configurable RPG game. You will be able to create custom classes, use skills, create "custom mobs" and regions to determine what mobs will spawn there and their level, create custom items that modify yout char attributes (strength, intellect...) and many other features!


    - Attributes
    • Strength: Increase your fisic damage
    • Stamina: Increase your max health.
    • Intellect: Increase your mana.
    • Agility: Increase the chance to deal a critick attack.
    • Discipline: Increase your health/mana regeneration.
    • Armor: Increase the % of fisic damage you will ignore.
    • Configurable effect of your attributes. Configure the health you will gain per stamina point, or the % of critic attack per agility point.
    - Level system
    • Choose how much exp will need to reach the next level
    • How much strength, intellect, stamina... would have your char at level 0 and how much would gain per level?
    • Max level controlled by your class.
    - Classes
    • Create custom classes and configure:
      • Name of the class
      • Power Source:
        • Mana: Typicall rpg mana.
        • Energy: Increase and decrease very quickly.
        • Fury: Gain fury attacking your enemies.
      • Min level to take the class.
      • Max level you can reach with this class.
      • Multiply some of your base attributes.
      • Choose what items and armor can or not use.
      • Choose what recipes you can craft with this class.
      • Choose the skills that class will have and configure:
        • The level at you will get the skill.
        • Features of your skill: cooldown, range, damage, duration...
        • Upgrade a skill at some level, modifying his features.
      • Price to get the class.
      • Use signs to request a class swap.
      • Permission node in order to get the class.
    - Skills System
    • Use the skills with a command or...
    • Add skills to your hotbar and just press the number (0-8) in order to cast.
    • It will be also displayed the Cooldown your skill have if is assigned to the hotbar.
    - Mobs and Mobs regions
    • Mobs:
      • Create custom mobs and configure:
        • Type of the mob (Zombie, Skeleton...)
        • Health, damage and exp given per level.
        • Loot of the mob:
          • Item
          • Chance of loot
          • Min and max level the mob must have to loot the item
          • Amount
          • Drop also your custom items!
    • Mob Regions: Define a region and choose what of your custom mobs will spawn in, the range of their level and the chance of spawning
    - Groups
    • Create groups with your friends:
      • No damage between members of the group.
      • Deal the recived exp between members.
    - Custom items
    • Create custom configurable items:
      • Choose the name and the id of the item.
      • Type: Wooden sword, iron leggings, stick...
      • Level you need to use the item
      • Damage of your item
      • The attributes you will gain having this intem on your and or equipped.
      • Rarity of the item: Poor, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary (Only change the color of the name)
    - Other features
    • Choose the duration of the power source regeneration interval
    • Choose the range of level two player must be in to allow fight.
    • Choose the range of level between mob level and player level in order to get experience.
    • Time on combat: Every time you attack a player or a mob, or you get some kind of damage, you will enter on combat, and you will die if log-out. Configure the time you will wait after attack/get damage to exit combat.
    • Despawn "Standard" mobs.
    • Choose how much % money will stole a player from his victim.
    • Choose the additional price to take a class of the same tier.
    TO DO:

    • Add many many many others skills.
    • Add professions.
    • Create more plugin to use with Extreme Classes.
      And more...
    For more information: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/extreme-classes/
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