[WIP] RolePlaySpeciality Series, my set of incoming plugins based on RolePlay and RPG

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    Hiya I'm here to post a thread to present to the community my plugins. :)
    Some of them are in beta, one is at release point and another still in alpha but I'll show them to ya.
    As I ever wanted I will always make them on the way to be fully over customisable by any kind of configuration to suit to your needs and work on compatibility with others plugins so if you have questions, don't hesitate. :)

    EDIT: I forgot to precise that I was searching for active devs, active testers and one designer to create a logo for these plugins!! just reply to my topic and/or send me a pm if you need further informations!

    First I focused on enhancing chat-based RP, while creating
    RolePlaySpeciality (shortly "RPS") [RELEASE]
    I was bored by the habitual /me "action" etc, why not activate a special and modifiable RP mode?
    Why players can be on different world and still do an common RP when we can add a custom voice range? Evidently, with voice range comes moderation stuff with permission to by pass this voice range and see any rp from anywhere. more information on the link. ;)

    In a second time, I seen that chat is not enough to being real and immersive roleplay, I thinked that I needed to work with minecraft's gameplay to enhance RP side of this game.

    Also I created a first extension based on tools and items:
    RolePlaySpeciality Weapons ("RPS W") [working beta and soon released. :)]
    I thought items where so easy to obtain, always the same things to do dig some diamond, craft an armor, again and again, it's broken? oooh no matter I can craft another... so redundant.. Stuff need to have real value. Stuff need to be unique, need to be different! That's why I made this plugin, to make every item a NEW item!
    How? by attributing a property, a level, a mastery, and other things! for more informations clic on the link. ;)

    With this kind of stuff I thought that vanilla Minecraft is still annoying, redundant. Then I thought about players... What is more RolePlaying than having stats, abilities, and an unique customizated gameplay to suit to your play-style?!
    Also I created a second BIGGER extension:
    RolePlaySpeciality Gameplay ("RPS G") [in early early alpha]
    ,adding it's own stats (+ than 50 new stats) on players gameplay,
    that will contain two linked major parts :
    1. RolePlaySpeciality Enchantments ("RPS E"), that will create new customised enchantments that will modify the new stats by stuff.
    2. RolePlaySpeciality Potions ("RPS P"), that will create new customised potion effects that will modify the stats by buffs!
    due to the massive amount of things that will contain these plugins it will take a quite big amount of time to finish it. that's why I will finish to push RPS W into release before. :) But I have still a lot of ideas and projects to concretise like a tool lib ("RPS Utils") and a lot more, like fully customisable guilds, working on mob side, generation perhaps? yeah, a lot of things. ^^ Annd I'm totally open to your ideas, I want to enhence and add as many features that you would imagine because in game that would be awesome to have a dreamed gameplay. :)

    Sorry if I made mistakes, English is not my main language but I can still understand it without problem. ^^
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