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    Plugin name: The Avengers
    Current features:
    • A class system with 4 classes: Iron Man, Captain America, Halk Eye and Hulk.
    • Special abilities for each class.
    • Random spawn system.
    • And more!
    Planned features:
    • More classes.
    • Queue line for joining a game.
    • Sign for joining a game. (Including game info on the sign)
    • Lives system.
    • Configuration.
    • Permissions.
    • /avengers Does everything in the plugin.(Sorry for not-detailness, i dont rememer exactly every command and i'm not in the computer with Eclipse)
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    Gorro_Rojo If you want I can help you with the signs
    And permissions?
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    Avengers! Assemble!
    Where can i play it?
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