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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Samkio, Oct 23, 2011.

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    I'm going to venture that they are not compatible. The only compatibility with ores between mods that I'm familiar with is Industrial Craft and Red Powered in that you can macerate and make use of the powders with both versions of copper and such. Outside that, no you'd simply have two different silvers. At the very least you'll have distinctly different ores coming from this one I assure you. The ingots though, may look similar since those can't be done as unique as ore blocks.
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    Le PHeel

    This looks amazing so far, I've been following Spout developments for a while and this is what I always wanted to see be done with Spout. Good luck with this, I would love to see this work out! If you need any help I would be more than willing to do anything. I'm a good artist, but I also can help with testing and anything else if you need it.

    Keep up the amazing work!
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    I'm open to any compatibility options if @Samkio is open to it.
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    Dam Bukkit hasn't been notifying me again.. xD

    All ores will be customisable. You can turn them on or off depending on preference. You will also be able to customise things like rarity, max-dump size height levels and even biomes. I also hope to have hardness aswell should Spout permit it.

    But this does not solve the compatibility option. I am open for compatibility @WalkerCrouse . So yeah, the project is on a pause as we wait till Spout gets well and truly ready with custom items. After pause we'll have to talk over the compatibility. :)

    Merry Christmas :)
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    I haven't heard of this for a while.. Could you add some pictures to show us the progress¿ I need this plugin BADLY! :D:D
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    Better than NOTCH
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    Sooo. . . When is this going to be released? I could really use a beta version for my server or a dev build maybe?
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    Yeah me too :p
    Love ur work Samkio :D
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    This is taking a long time. . .
    Are you even still working on this?
  10. This died months ago due to the announcement of Spout(Server)
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    What announcement? That they were going to quit?
  12. No The announcement that they were going to make Spout(Server) :p and stop doing Spout(Plugin)
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    WOT?!?! They're stopping with bukkit?????
  14. ... Dont you know that Bukkit is stopping with bukkit?
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    Not until now...
  16. You are waaay out of the loop my son :p
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    "son" What, are you like Darth Vader or something? :D Just kidding, thanks for informing me :)
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    MoreMaterials is dead, I believe. There's another one by DarkSlayer I think, look it up.
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    Ugh, why do these people keep ditching their projects?
    I wish they wouldn't. . .
    Oh well, thanks for the new suggestion!
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    The reason the project was ditched was because once the new Spout server comes out, more than ever will be possible to code, and the old spout plugins will not be needed anymore, so there is no use making such a huge plugin that will be useless soon.

    Also, to clear up, I believe Bukkit is ending once they come out with the modding API in 1.3, because then there will be no use for Bukkit.
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